Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Beauty | Glow baby, Glow!

Highlighters have been around for years and have been the trend for about the past 2 or 3 years, so when a coworker stopped in me in the kitchen to ask where she should apply it? I was baffled! But then I realized that it’s really just hitting drugstores in full force and some makeup newbies may not know. So I was inspired to share my fave highlighters, some tips on how to wear it, and my current combo that gets compliments on the daily!

When it comes to this glowy trend, you want to make sure you are wearing it on the highpoints of your face where the light will naturally hit. I’m talking tops of your cheekbones, above your brows near your temple, down your nose, tip of your nose, Cupid ’s bow, and chin! You can go crazy and hit all these spots to up your glam or you can just hit the tops of the cheeks and call it a day.
Pro tips for looking like you’re glowing from within;

Use the right brush; either a fluffy, come to a point brush like Morphe's M501 or a fan brush Morphe's E60

After applying with the Morphe’s 501 use a damp beauty blender to gently tap the highlighter in-this will soften the highlight and it will literally look like you are just naturally glowing.

Use a fan brush when you want a smaller amount of highlight for a small pop of glow.

Grab a loose pigment highlighter, like Kylie Cosmetics Fiji and mix it with a setting spray like MAC's Prep + Prep use this to set your makeup and have a hint of an overall glow all day!

My current highlighting combo; Kylie Comestics Koko Kollection palette and Wet N’ Wild’s

What’s your fave highlights? Are you on board with the glowy trend? Let’s chat in the comments, xo!