Tuesday, September 18, 2018

#pbtryittuesday with Rodan & Fields Lash Serum

*disclaimer; I was not aware of all of the backlash around this product before I received it as a gift and tried. The gift came from my coworkers for my bday and two of them are actually avid users of the product, but with that being said, here’s my thoughts!

Long lashes are something that I envy. I always want to have the longest lashes known-like touch my brows long and I feel like there’s not one mascara that can actually achieve this for me. (I have recently fallen back in love with Loreal’s Telescopic Mascara which now comes in Carbon Black-hello, win win!)

My coworkers started trying out the R&F serum and after a month or so, I was dying to know their secret! Then for bday, they all went in on a tube (which can last for months since you’re only using a very small amount at a time). Here’s my experience;
before wearing Maybelline Falsie Mascara

before wearing Maybelline Falsie Mascara 

before without mascara

Product Details;
Get the appearance of lush, longer-looking lashes with R+F Lash Boost™, a nightly eyelash serum. You’ll see a difference in as little as four weeks, and the best results in eight weeks. This conditioner can also be used to achieve fuller-looking brows.

My thoughts;
Smell-no smell! Which thank goodness, who wants to put something smelly on their eye lids?!
Feeling-feels cooling when you apply. A small amount goes a very long way! You have to be careful when applying that you don’t get it in your eye. I didn’t have any burning when applying.
Overall-When I first started applying the product, I definitely noticed a change in my lid color-pink/red, esp near my lashes. My eyes didn’t hurt, but when they would itch during the day, I would find I didn’t have relief from itching them, but almost a soreness-think scratching a bruise! Not totally unbearable, but not a pleasurable experience.
Did I see a difference?-YES! I didn’t think I was, but then bam! I had Snap filter lashes.
Will I buy it?-I’m not 100% sure if I would repurchase. I will say there’s still so much in the tube, so it seems to be an every 4-6 month purchase which isn’t bad for the money. I think the long term effects and not knowing is the thing that scares me.
after with no mascara

two months after wearing Loreal Telescophic Carbon Black Mascara

two months after wearing Loreal Telescophic Carbon Black Mascara

What products do you want to see me try on a Tuesday? Let me know and follow along on IG using #pbtryittuesday, xo!