Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Beauty | #tryittuesday with Monat

I'm a hair care junkie-I'll literally try anything to get my hair to look it's best, so when my IG friend Sarah asked if she could send me a sample or two, I was down! This 4 part system was so intriguing to me. 

Product Details;
MONAT’s ingredients are naturally-based, safe, pure and sustainable. But with other brands recognizing the power of botanical oils, how is MONAT any different? The answer lies in our rich formulations that make these naturally-based ingredients work in harmony with each other, combining and reacting to pump up their natural properties to take MONAT to the next level. We say no to toxic ingredients. 

My thoughts; 
I decided to use the oil to really try to get the full effect. I added the oil and slept in it for not one, but two nights (what can I say, I'm a legit the laziest beauty gal ever.) and then I used the system-two washes, in shower masque, and then conditioner. 

right out of the shower-no frizz!

first blow dry and straighten-no makeup/filter (if it wasn't obvious)

 hair holding up in the heat at the btooth's rehearsal dinner

 even after a color, my hair felt great because I prepped it with Monat a week before!

Smell-I will say I wasn't in love with the smell-I prefer a smell that is delicious and will continue to smell good throughout the day. The smell was just kinda lackluster and didn't really smell like anything. 
Feeling-the oil was really nice and didn't feel heavy in my root at all. It didn't get all over my pillowcase or sheets. The shampoo felt thick and oily, which I don't love, but I was surprised how well it rinsed out. I loved the in shower masque! It felt luxurious and rich. The masque is a product that I normally wouldn't use, but after rinsing it-I can't wait to use it again! The conditioner was nice and rinsed out super well. During my final rinse, I wasn't completely sold on if my hair would have any difference to it.
Aftermath-I opted to not put anything else in my hair so I could see what the hype was about. I blew it dry and was surprised how nice it felt. I straightened like I normally do and saw it had a nice bounce and feel to it. It wasn't frizzy and it didn't feel heavy. I was really happy with the final outcome!
Will I buy?-I will definitely keep my eye on the site and if there's a sale, I will be purchasing either the oil or masque for sure!And rumor has it they have a platinum line, so I'll definitely be picking that up to give it a try!

To Purchase;