Thursday, September 13, 2018

Beauty | Transitioning into Fall Mani

I obviously live to do my nails. Like clockwork, you know I'm doing a mani/pedi once a week...seriously, my life feels hectic if I don't. I love when the seasons change cause it's time to bust out polishes I haven't used in a while that I love (After School Boy Blazer, it'll be good to see you sweetie!) So for my first fall mani, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, but since I was staying a btooth's housesitting while she honeymooned-I decided to see just what she had. Well I went through every polish and started putting aside fall transition shades and bam! this gorgeous combo was dreamed up!

I knew taking these shades and putting them together would lead to a warm mani. I don't do different finger manis often, but when I do, I'm instantly reminded how much I actually love them! What's your fave season for polishes? Do you prefer bright for summer, pastels for spring, darks for winter, or nudes for fall? Let me know. xo!