Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Nails | Color Street Review & Giveaway!

This post was sponsored by Colorful Nails with Darci, all opinions are my own.

It's no secret that I loveeeee all things nails. Polish, stickers, art, doesn't matter, I'm into it. I will wear any and every color, nothing is off limits! So when Darci DMed me to say she always loved seeing my nail pics on Insta, I knew we had something in common.  She asked me if I've ever tried the Color Street nail stickers and I hadn't and seeing all of the options, I was curious! 

I picked out Toyko Lights and the rest is history. These are a pink, glittery dream and are perfect for my bday week :) 

Reasons why I think you need to try Color Street:
  • Easy to apply-so easy I did them quickly before bed (which is why I have no pics of the process...face palm).
  • NO dry time...they're stickers so they just pop right on!
  • I have bigger nails and these fit like a glove. They're easy to fit.
  • Remove with regular nail polish remover. I messed up one, but took some remover and ta-da it just came right off.
  • They have an color or design you could want! Even french manicures! Seriously, I have my eye on the Charleston Blush cause it's gorgeous!

Ready to order? Use this link and you'll have beautiful, no fuss nails in no time, xo!

Now on to my birthday #giveaway which includes a gorgeous blue set of Color Street stickers! This goes live on IG tomorrow, but if you DM me: Instagram.com/polishedandbubbly before it goes up, you'll get 3 bonus entries!!