Monday, June 11, 2018

bachelorette recap | week 2

Okay, let's get into these dates! 

Group Date; with Clay, Nick, Chris R, David, Jordan, Connor, Lincoln, Jean Blanc starting off with changing into tuxes with Becca having a hard time keeping her eyes off the eye candy. Jordan thinks women still wear pantyhose (real Princesses do, it's part of the royal code, but real women not so much!)...I cannot stand him. OMG BRYAN, HIIIIIIIYEEEEEEE! Missed you cutie, phew! Ah, I love a good obstacle course. The ice bath is hilarious, I love that they did that cause some of these guys are being such bitches about it! Lincoln is a complete cheater-sheesh, I'm super competitive, but play by the rules. 

Cocktail party after the course, I can't get a good read on Lincoln, is he being genuine? I'm not totally sure. Becca seems into the kiss, but also like he's being a little too aggressive. The guys are not happy about this photo! I feel like Clay is going to cry every time he talks. Lincoln is talking with the picture and kissing it, he is this season's Corrine. Connor throws the picture and breaks it and Lincoln gets more time. These guys are worse then the women. I really like the Becca just handles these things and steps up right away. Past seasons, they let it linger and talk to others rather then the culprit. I LOVE HER OUTFIT. Sorry for the caps, just realized. Jean Blanc gets the rose (even though it sounded like they were calling him Shawn...idk.)

Photogate is a hot topic amongst the men, no one can figure out if or when Lincoln will strike next. Or will Connor go home? Let's see..

One on One; Blake. He looks very young to me, it says 28, but he looks 24. Becca let Chris Harrison plan the date. Blake and Bec show up at a warehouse where Chris tells them they get to demolish stuff, which to me sounds like a fun time! She is making those coveralls look good with that belt. Everything they are going to eff up is stuff from her past with Arie. I'm all about an ex purge, but not with your new potential man! Becca is definitely going to smash things if they turns badly for her again, so beware boys. 

Dinner (even though they don't eat) portion of the date and I think they are having a great time. Blake seems level headed, fun, and a tad reserved which balances Becca's outgoing & bubbly presence. They are having a great conversation and I can see them together. I think he is a front runner, I'm DEF rooting for him! He gets a rose-well duh!

Group Date; with Garrett, Trent, Leo, Wills, Colton, Ricky, Christon, John, I missed a name or two... a school bus picks these guys up and they are headed to play dodgeball. It was fun to watch them and Leo is a great competitor. 

Cocktail party, next to the pool with Garrett. I like them together, he is very cute. They complement each other nicely. Ut ohhh, some drams is headed our way. Colton dated cute little Tia from last season (who we all know I loved!). Bec and Tia are friends, yikes, this could get bumpy. Oh wait, he said " a weekend together" sooo, not a relationship per se, but still messy. She is DEAD quiet when he tells her, she says he's really attractive, but this is putting her in a strange position. Wills gets the rose which surprises me, but their one on one time was good.

Rose Ceremony; Clay's one on one time was kinda cute, but he is still so MEH for me. Becca looks great in blue! I thought John's poem was going to end with "I promise you I'm a big nerd" instead of "I promise you I'll never get you hurt". Connor redeems himself by having her launch his photo. Jordan decides to go out to his one on one time with Becca in his underwear...cause he's a male model. WHY DO WE HAVE TO KEEP SAYING MALE MODEL? We get it, he is a male. His time with her is weird and then he argues with whoever he stole her away from (sorry, I missed his name!) Jordan has got to go, I get why they need him (to draw in all the viewers to see what dumb shit he'll do next, but come on!) Oh she kept Colton! Let's see where this leads...cause if anything it'll make for great TV. Alex was this season's first crier, they breakdown earlier and earlier it seems.

Next week looks good with some cute moments and it looks like my fave Blake is having great times with her. TIA IS HERE. If I hear one more time that Jordan isn't "here for the right reasons", I'm gonna lose it. See you then babes, until them DM me, comment, email, whatever let's just DISCUSS this episode, xo!