Monday, June 4, 2018

bachelorette recap | week 1


 Here we go! Becca is taking on the role as Bachette and I'm SO excited for her season. She is a real chick and someone I could totally see myself grabbing brunch with her! If you missed out on my IG story where I explain why I am posting my recaps on Monday's, here's a refresher: I've decided I will watch the Bachette on Sundays and post my blog post on Monday. You can consider it a refresher before you watch the new episode! I just seem to have a lot going on and last season I was watching episodes at 1am to scramble to have this up on Tuesday. Once we get to the finale, I'm pretty sure I will watch that last night live and recap for Tuesday, but stay tuned-I will keep you informed. 

Yay, past Bachelorettes including my ALL TIME FAVE JoJo...her and Jordan are COMPLETE GOALS. I like the girls advice, they are being real with her and giving her sound advice of remembering to think outside of this bubble. Who knew Rachel was so funny? All of their first impression roses when to the GUY, wow how freaking cute and TELLING?! I'm keeping a very close eye on this...

 Intros; Clay the football player-talks funny, seems like a nice guy. Garret the goofball-based off looks, they'd make a cute couple. Jordan the model-you already know what I think about him, how can one person be this annoying?!? He's gotta go. Lincoln the one with the accent-seems nice, super fit! Joe the grocer-reminds me of the guy they have to have on each season, thinks he's more than he is. Jean Blanc the collector-sigh. Colton the football player who dated Aly the olympian-I loved how he courted Aly, so maybe he'll have a cute story with Bec! (Also, I follow him on IG because of the whole Aly thing..) 

Arrivals; She looks stunning in the white gown! Colton is first out and I like the confetti cannons-super cute and a great ice breakers. Grant seems like a regular guy, like him. Not into Clay and her comment about him was "he's so nervous"-eek. Jean Blanc teaching french with "let's do the damn thing!"-cute. Connor no socks, short, and proposing-he's a cutie tho. Joe is a meh, meh, meh. John looks like Benjamin Button-old! Leo with the WILD hair and he's a stunt man. Jordan the model, oof, he SCREAMS he is here to further his "brand" or "IG endorsement career". Rickey just like the tie. Alex another meh. Nick in a racing suit, wtf? An Arie cutout-yikesss Mike. A minivan? Wow, Garrett showing her the minivan? EEK. Don't these guys say to their friends "this is my idea for a first impression" and no one says "dude, do not do that." Blake on a horse, they had a cute little moment at ATFR, cute little moment now. Lincoln has a cute smile! Christon, meh. Wills the closet nerd, meh. Jason with the handshake-cute intro. I didn't catch 60/40s name, but he won't be around. No socks and no bowtie for Jake who apparently she knows from home? Hurst guy, yikesssss, Trent. Missed one I was snapping. Then David the chicken came and well, he isn't the winner so...Now there's a guy (Chris maybe?) who brought a choir, cute that they are dancing. I can see her with him (also he looks really familiar.)

Shorty-Connor stole her. He's cute and seems genuine.  Clay brought out the clay and I just can't. I believe in this process cause my Grandparents got married after 3 weeks! So ha-Chris, take your grandparents 2 months and shove it. Okay, Christon that was epic! Last thing they should do is bring out something to make them more competitive on night one! The poem guy looks like the guy from Rach's season..Eric! He looks like him! I keep getting nervous that someone is going to kiss her, but she won't want to kiss them. Her and Blake are having a really nice chat and connection. Man she is such a good sport-doing the chicken dance with David. Oh shit, DRAMAAAAA, with Chase and Chris. Chase was at ATFR, his ex said that he is trying to revamp his marking career and use the show to help him. "Here for the right reasons" should be a trademarked by ABC, they will make BANK. He isn't denying it, he's just talking about his ex and how they weren't really together. Yikes, I don't think I trust Chase one bit. 

Okay, now she's sitting with Jake who hangs in her circle at home. She is not into what he is saying/isn't saying. Like he should be saying "omg, I've been dying to get to know you and always have seen you and wanted to.." Oh he had a transformative year, wow, great, super. Sending Jake H-O-M-E...CYA and that two-fold bowtie. 

Minivan gets the 1st impression rose-remember this people! Oh, they're kissingggggg. AHHH-I could see them together for sure. 

Rose Ceremony; she's keeping lots of guys I could see her with. Why did they make the chicken put the head back on? I don't have much of a front runner, but I do see Garrett, Connor, David, Chris, and Colton going far.

Preview looks FULL of drama- I mean we already had lots of drams night one and I'm so excited for this season. Stay tuned for my recap next Monday and leave your picks in the comments, xo!