Friday, April 6, 2018

Guest Post by Gina Dickerson

What inspired Mortiswood

It wasn’t really a conscious decision to write in the dark, urban fantasy genre. The idea of Mortiswood first came to me while I was on holiday with my family. We were staying at a holiday cottage – a farmhouse – in Devon. The farmhouse was set in about twenty acres of land, a mix of woodland and fields. It was down a really long drive and overlooked both the fields and woods. We could even see deer from the kitchen window!

One afternoon when everyone else was off swimming, I sat down with my laptop by the window and watched mist creep out from within the trees and stretch across the fields toward the house. It was so quiet, and the mist appeared almost as if it were alive, that the beginning of Mortiswood sparked and I wrote out the first chapter curled up in the chair as the mist crawled around the farmhouse.

As the first draft of book one developed, I knew I wanted the series to be full of a mix of things I like reading. I wanted it to be a dark fantasy with a thrilling adventure, full of both magical and powerful people and creatures, and all with a dash of romance. The mythology woven throughout the tale is primarily Norse, with some of the realms inspired by my readings of Norse myths. Although it’s a magical series it is also set in the real world, mostly in Thanet, Kent.

I can’t talk about Mortiswood without mentioning the inspiration behind one of the main characters, the Vallesm – my own Siberian husky. He’s a big fluff of fun and would rather snooze in the garden than fight demons, but the way he moves and acts went a long way in helping me bring the Vallesm wolf to life. He is, in essence, my Vallesm!

A picture of my pooch – the Vallesm inspiration!

The problem with secrets is they don’t always remain secret, no matter how long they’ve been buried.

The dark side of magic beckons to Kaelia. It whispers in her ear, seducing her with the promise of yet more power. Having discovered the truth behind the goddess Hel’s connection to Bran the necromancer, Kaelia is finding it increasingly difficult to tell who is on her side and who is against her.

Drawn into an age-long battle, she must fight to protect not only those she loves, but also the humans that her enemies, The Salloki, would devour. Confronting an evil never seen before outside the realms of myth and magic, Kaelia is torn. Should she join with Bran? Is he really as trustworthy as he says?

But trust cuts both ways as Bran too discovers, unearthing both secrets and lies about his true identity. There is also someone he wants to protect above all, even if that price is unleashing upon Mortiswood the fearsome Vanagandr.

As secrets, lies, magic, and emotions weave their tangled web, who will lose their hearts and who will lose their lives?

Sometimes the line between good and evil is so blurred it fails to exist…


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