Tuesday, February 6, 2018

bachelor recap | week 6

In Paris. This train wreck has gone international. 2 one on ones, a group date, and a 2 on 1 date are in store for us this evening...

One on One: with Lauren B. My girl! I really like her...cute style, pretty, seems normal. I don't feel chemistry between them. I think she is a little closed of, maybe she is creeped out by him too? She seemed excited to go out with him, but now she doesn't seem like she wants to be near him...which is my vibe. Is she wearing lashes? Are those extensions? I ask this every episode, but I NEED answers people. Oh she's a friendzoner, I completely get it, but in this environment, there's not enough time for that. Rose for Lauren, they had a REAL, deep conversation and she definitely will be around I think until top 4!

Group Date: Some of these girls I don't think I've ever seen before, but there's the two Beccas, Sienne, Jenna (I swear last week or the week before was the first time I saw her...), Tia, Chelsea...Moulin Rogue themed date. This is a fun date and much better than bowling (even tho I love bowling...I just have PTSD thinking about Arie licking the bowling ball last week!) Bekah says this the craziest thing to happen to her, but really I think being put on a missing person list is-read more about that here. I like what he said to Tia this week about how he loves their relationship. I still think she's too good for him (but then again, I think all of them are except for Krystal. I see them working cause he has no personality and she has a few..) Bekah gets the rose and heads on stage with him. Tia says "I'm so uncomfortable" while Arie and Bekah are on stage and that sums up my feeling about this whole season.  

Two on One: with Krystal and Kendall. This is the producers all the way...remember when they fought? What is this search for me in the maze? I want Krystal to stop with this act, she was pretty normal on their first date, and now she is crazy. Her and Arie talk and it goes pretty well, until she starts talking about Kendall. Come on, don't use your time for that. Now he's talking to Kendall and she's speaking very strongly towards him. This is all weird. He kept it going and brought them both to dinner and to be completely honest, I checked out during K&K's chat cause it's pointless. Krystal is talking to Arie like Kendall isn't there and Arie is not even listening. She took over and he just kept saying "mhmm". Ugh, can't this date be o-v-e-r...?! He dropped Krystal like a hot potato, kids! Didn't see that coming, Arie, you devil you.

One on One: with Jacqueline? Has she been on this show before? Okay, they are having a cute time shopping and being normal. He is really being a normal guy right now, actually speaking and being cute with her (BARF, I can't believe I said that.) I like them together. Is he saying she's too smart for him and that's why he has doubts? This isn't adding up. This is the first time I felt like he was normal. Nevermind, she gets the rose. Picking her to round out my top 3!

Rose Ceremony: I'm picking Chelsea, Tia, and Becca to stay...there may be more than 3 roses left, but who knows? Oh shit, I was right 3 roses this round, yay me. Sienne, Tia, and Becca stay.

Next week looks good, LOTS of tears. LOTS, including some from Arie, xo!