Thursday, February 8, 2018

5 Random Things...

I'm sure you've seen the tag going around on IG with the 5 random facts about me, so I wanted to share some things about me here with you! 

  1. I love carousels. I don't know when this obsession began, but I truly adore them! I've rode a bunch in pretty random places and even made a pit stop to ride one on my 30th birthday! (Also, the one above is in a mall!)
  2. One of my biggest fears is hitting an animal while driving. A squirrel running out in front of me makes me SO nervous. A while ago, while on my way to work, a car in front of me hit one and I cried the rest of the way.
  3. I could play board games for hours. 
  4. I'm always on the hunt for my next favorite coffee order. While I always end up getting the same thing, I really want to find my signature drink. I love reading what other people order for inspo (which is why I always ask go to coffee order in my Q&As!)
  5. My dream job is to be a reality star. I'd love to have my own show that followed me around day to day as my life as a blogger. 
I want to know more about you, so share some random things about yourself with me in the comments below, xo!!