Tuesday, January 30, 2018

bachelor recap | week 5


First, I just want to say that I talked with my co-worker Kellie and she agreed with every single thing that I went on about in my IGstory rant last Monday about. So did my French friend Caroline. The reason I'm starting with this is because I want to make a bold statement...Arie is the WORST BACHELOR OF ALL TIME. There I said it, phew and it feels good to get it off my chest...! 

On the move, Arie and the gang are now in Ft. Lauderdale, FL! And all this is doing is making me wish I was some place warm.  

One on One: with Chelsea, the mom. And he asked her in person, no date card! That yatch is amazing, it has it's own hot tub! (Lauren B in interviews is SO cute...She'd make a great bachette!) (Oh shoot, Maqule is back) (What is this with the girls watching the dates? So weird) Okay, back to the date, Chelsea and Arie are getting pretty hot and heavy on those jet skis (well as hot and heavy as you can get...) I have to say, they really seem to focus on the girls and the drams rather than showing us the interaction between the daters. Has it always been like this and I just didn't pick up on it or is it cause Arie is b-o-r-i-n-g...Cool spot for their dinner date, I like all the old cars. Chelsea has been through the ringer and I feel like Arie is checked out. He keeps "mhmming" her or his "that's sweet" for what she's talking about (her belongings in garbage bags) it seems a little rude on his part. Chelsea gets the rose and is talking about falling love. Oh and now my favorite part of the Bachelor franchise, a random performer singing to just them. Seems romantic, really just awkward.

Group Date: with a gazillion girls. I can't keep track. He licked a bowling ball and I'm instantly ready to turn this train wreck off. ABC what happened? Okay so they bowled, the blue team won and was supposed to head to the after party. Well Arie said "sorry blue team, I'm going to take the black team instead." Krystal was on the blue team, now she's mad and done. Let's see what unfolds, shall we? Now they are back at the suite and the team blue is ready to go out to meet him and the black team. Krystal calls Arie a liar to the girls and says she's looking for a partnership. Girls leave, Krystal stays back. She's doing this for attention, hello!! Watch, Arie will come to see her. And surprise, surprise...he's off to see her. He told her to stay upstairs and the whole talk probably didn't go the way Krystal thought it was. He did stand his ground, good for him. Arie makes out with Bekah hardcore, but then in his confessional he says he's looking for a wife and that her age may be an issue. The other Becka he takes to his room and sits in the same position as with the other Bekah. I can see these two together, like looks wise it makes sense. Cut to showing Krystal getting ready to go meet Arie...DRAMSSSSS. (oh ABC just showed a clip of next week and Krystal is saying "may we always have Paris" so spoiler alert, she'll stick around...EYE ROLL.) My girl Lauren B gets the rose!

One on One: with Tia. Her date outfit is so cute and fun. She's too fun for him. Okay, prediction time, Tia is going to be around until the end. And he better not break her heart cause she is great! I really can't say enough about her...!

Rose Ceremony: Krystal sounds crazy, but I'm glad she's wearing some eye makeup...looks nice. Kendall and Krystal having a convo right now is giving me a headache. If I was taking shots every time someone said "intention" I'd be HAMMERED by now. This is the most I've heard Arie speak when he's trying tell Krystal why what she did was dumb. I loved when he said "it could be our last fight". Shades of Krystal = futuristic...yep, she said that. Told ya she'd stay! This is the Krystal show featuring Arie.

Preview: in Paris! UGH, I die.