Tuesday, January 23, 2018

bachelor recap | week 4

Here we go...okay Bekah and Arie are 14 years apart. Please hold while I figure this out...36-14=22 Damnnn! Okay, let's see how this goes for her. Oh we're already on the move! Lake Tahoe, here we come!

 One on One: with Seinne. She's cute and I like her style. These girls creeping on their date, god production is REALLY pushing the drams. The date seems like it's going okay. I don't think she's the one or anything just yet.
Cut to cute blond girl who's grandpa passed away. It's making me really upset. I feel so bad for her!! 
Back to the date, I just have this hard time connecting to the dates and really getting a vibe for them as a couple on a date. Maybe cause the show is so focused on the other girls and what they're doing? Maybe cause I don't like Arie? Idk guys, I'm having trouble staying locked in...

Group Date: with 12 girls. He kinda has a camp counselor vibe on this walk through the woods. Wait, they're making them pee in containers? WHAT IS THIS?? Dear Bach Producers, STOP REACHING. Pick a better Bachelor and maybe your rates wouldn't suck. Love, a loyal watcher. Eating bugs? Man oh man, the budget has gone into the shitter. I wouldn't eat bugs for anyone, but Justin Timberlake. Is it really snowing? Kendall the taxidermy girl stole a kiss, good for her. At this point, I hope just go all out hunger games on one another. Maybe that will make it more entertaining to watch. Arie is the one that went over to Krystal, he clearly likes her. Krystal has to know she has a target on her back. And now she's using her time to discuss how it hurt her feelings when the girls were poking fun at her in the hot tub. Now Tia is crying to him. I do like her tho...not for him, but in general. I just don't think one note Arie is deserving of someone cool like Tia. Tia gets the rose!

One on One: with Baby Bekah. You can tell they're into each other the whole time. He seems a little thrown off on the age thing. I don't think she's ready for marriage yet especially with Arie the old, boring, whiner. This is the most emotion I've seen out of him. He is into her. Arie is not the type of guy that believes in "it's better to have loved and lost, then to have never loved at all." And I get it, but he needs to trust in her. Yes, she's young, but if she's into it and saying "trust me", he needs to do that. "I'm gonna do this with the rose in my hand" was a real weird thing to say, but here we go...and there's a BUT, so Bekah gets the rose. Also, anybody else singing "I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22" after hearing "twenty two" 328 times?! Just me? Okay, moving on...

Rose Ceremony: No cocktail party, Arie starts with saying "I know what I need to do" Krystal interrupts him cause of course she does. He seems kinda annoyed with her and she's talking in circles. I don't think she was going to go home before this, so I'm not sure why she pulled him aside. And they're back...here we go for real...He looks like a mannequin standing there with the rose before he calls the names. It's weird. Jenna? There's a Jenna? Has there always been a Jenna? Shoot, the realtor from Florida is going home...I thought she had Bachette in the cards. Which maybe she does, cause at this point anyone can be the damn Bachette/Bach. 

Preview:  More of the Krystal show. And more tears, ugh, maybe it'll get good. Catch ya then, xo!