Tuesday, January 16, 2018

bachelor recap | week 3


Group date 1: with a shit ton of girls! I should be telling you which girls, but does it really matter at this point? This season feels like it has more girls then ever. Guys, I can't with Arie. I just do not find him attractive at all...I'm completely in this for the drams. How short is Chris Harrison? If Arie is 6'2, Chris has to be 5'10...hold on, I'll google. Yup, 5'10, you're welcome. I like Lauren B, she's super cute and seems genuine. Bibiana is getting worked by this wrestler, verbally, not physically. Real talk, are these girls wearing lashes or lash extensions cause I need to know. Bekah (short haired girl) doesn't have an age when they show her name/occupation, I remember in a preview they say something about he doesn't know how young she is. That storyline is 100% producer driven because everyone else has their age. This date is kinda dumb, funny, but dumb. Yay, Kenny!!! I hope he destroys Arie. The last girls was the most entertaining and it made me like Tia. Wait, they didn't have to fight to find a winner to have extra time with him? Sheesh, what a ripoff. As much as I like Krystal for Arie, her voice is getting on my last nerve. EWWW, the moaning as they kiss is yucky. I just wondering if these girls watch the show before coming on. Has anyone who used their time with him to talk shit about another person in the house ended up the winner? No, use your time to talk about YOU and YOUR relationship. Bekah gets the rose and I'm still curious about her age.

One on One: with Lauren S. I love her dress, so cute and that color just pops. But the sneakers are killing me. Not really sure about Lauren S, not for any bad reason, but I feel like I know nothing about her. Those wine glasses are everything, need. She's very chatty, like woah. And she starts off saying "okay, I'll tell you this" and I thought okay here comes a story with drama, but nope "my parents are great." Oh no, she's out! He looked so bored with her, oh stop with the I don't want you to miss out on your home life bs. Oh give me a break with the this is my first hard goodbye. You're just saying that because it's awkward! (ps-I've had dates where I couldn't shut up cause I wasn't into the guy and I just thought it'd make the time go by quicker...)

Group date 2: with DOGS, yayyyy! Why does Annaliese always have an issue or a traumatic experience from her childhood? Where did she grow up?? Aw, these dogs are so fun and cute! Yay for doggy dates. ABC STOP WITH THE DUMB FLASHBACK CLIPS. Is Annaliese paying you to showcase all of her issues? Why do they need to make the dogs do stuff? Can't they just play in the park with the doggys and lay down with them? Annaliese you feel behind because you are scared of your shadow. Wow, that girl (don't know her name) was practically crawling to him. Talking about the place your hanging at during your alone time means he is not into you. Do you have to have a leather jacket to be on this season? Shoot, I missed who got the rose (and yes, I watched this on DVR so I can fast forward the commercials), but I got distracted by Amanda Stanton's IG story (how cute is she and her littles?)

Rose Ceremony: OMG, Lauren B moved into Bibiana's outdoor setup, I'm dying. I like Lauren B, they would be cute together. Stopppp, now he brought someone else out there. No way and another girl. This is priceless and produced. He said "guarding his heart" and now I can't stop thinking about that guy who kept saying "guard and protect your heart" like 4 seasons ago (maybe Jojo's season??) Arie just gives me the creeps, especially when his voice gets low. Annaliese you are going home, sorry girl. I like Tia, she is super cute. And that glittery dress is so pretty. Oh no, bye Bibiana! Broken? Get out of here, you are embarrassed cause you went on this show for this loser and got sent home. Sorry not sorry. 

Preview: on the move to Tahoe! How old do we think she is? 22? 23? Oh dramsssss is coming next week, buckle up babes, xo!