Tuesday, January 9, 2018

bachelor recap | week 2


Weird that we're back here again so soon ;)  Spoilers ahead cause it's a recap, duh.

One on One: with Becca K. I don't know much about her or remember her from night one. This date is kinda weird-all about her, like why not get to know her? Rachel Zoe = yassssss! Rachel's assistant in that millennial pink, YASSSS times two! (sidebar; Jason Demers from the Arizone Coyotes-hockey team, googled Arie and he's won one race. Calm down with the damn champs spraying.) This date is obviously every girl's dream, but it was just a weird first date to me. They didn't seem to get to know each other so far. I'm loving the reaction from the girls when she comes back. (hahah, love the girls that are chatting after and say "they are going to get married") Okay, part two of their date-he is into her, I like that he said to go to him with any questions. Wait a second, is she proposal girl from night one? Someone please tell me it is... She gets the rose and I think she'll be around for a long time to come!

One on One: with Krystal-the fitness coach. Love her outfit, that gray tank, ripped jeans, peep-toe booties-here for it! I really like this date, it's casual and shows more about him. Wait a second, is this the high school from High School Musical? Literally that cafeteria is the same (I know they filmed in AZ...) Brought her to his house, oh damn. When they pulled in the driveaway and she said "we're home!" I could totally see this being their life. Is it a red flag that he brought her home to his parents so soon? Did he want to get their take on her? Or was he like guys, this is her-love at first site type of deal? Ohh what a cool spot for dinner! I would like to give her some more mascara, glam her up a little more. Her growing up story is making me sad, I feel really bad for her. I want her to win just so she can have a family in Arie's. Rose for her, she's going far. Singer is kinda hot, never heard of him, but okay cutie you sing it out. *I think it's okay she was vague about their date, BUT it just put a huge target on her back.

Group Date: demo derby with a bunch of girls-15 (I believe!) way too many girls on this date, are we rushing this ABC or what? Designing their own card this sounds fun! The scared-y cat-this is your worst nightmare? (the bumper car flashback-ABC is having TOO MUCH FUN with this...) Jenny, there's a Jenny? And she's a savage. Chris Harrison is also a savage with that dad joke. I watched the whole demo derby with a puzzled face. After party time, Chelsea steals him first to apologize and tell Arie about her son, Sammy. Yale girl & winner of the date is a world traveler, I like her, she seems really nice. I don't think she's the one tho. Ut oh, Bibiana is gonna lose her shit soon. Oh damn, she's going off. Here's my thoughts on getting time with him in settings like this, you have to fight for your time. If that makes you a bitch, then fine. You aren't here to make friends, yes, that's nice if you do, but you have to remember why you are there. There's ONE of him. Yale girl-Seinne gets the rose! I bet Chelsea is pissed cause it seemed like he was going to give it to her.

Rose Ceremony: when it's at the beginning this part is so overwhelming to recap because I barely know any of their names (I'm generally bad with names.) Short haired Becka, he is into her. Now back to my thoughts on getting time with him, once you have a rose, you shouldn't keep trying to get extra attention (two sit downs at the cocktail party) is a little much. That puts a HUGE target on your back-Krystal, boo, you got 2 strikes this episode. I like the idea of truth or dare an ice breaker. Lots of girls get roses and then really is the melting pot of all girls I think. They are all pretty different. At this point, I just can't wait to see the preview for next week. Oh no, is savage Jenny going home? Shoot, I liked her for the 18 seconds we saw her on the group date. OH DAMN, she walked right by him...I told you, this girl is a SAVAGE. "I'm not sad about you, I'm sad about leaving my friends." Ew his dad like "alright give me a hug". 

Preview: faake fighting/wrestling, private jets, kisses, already saying "you're my person", "I'm the only woman in the world" (which umm, no honey, no.), more Krystal fighting, tears...can't wait, xo!