Monday, January 8, 2018

bachelor recap | week 1

I’ll start with this, I’m not a huge Arie fan. At all. I don’t find him cute and he’s not my vibe. But let’s go see if he can find love and our next bachelorette!

Ugh, I loved Emily. Her fashion was so good her season. And that Fiji nail polish every episode had me thinking about changing my mani each week. Sean and Catherine’s son, Samuel has the same take on Arie as I do-see him sit on his lap for negative .5 seconds? Same little buddy, same.

Time to meet the girls: Single mom-cute and I see her going far. (Edit: the more I watch the more she gets on my nerves. They love going back to her confessional sessions) The realtor-I like her! Raven’s friend-see her going far too! I think she’s a good match for Arie. Of course the taxidermy lover says “I know who I am”’as she gets ready to play her ukulele. Oh the fitness coach-I really like her!! Bri the sports reporter is SUPER cute. Love her! (Ps-I’m not digging the new font for the names, ages, occupations...) Is it just me or do all of these girls look the same? I thought the proposal first impression was really cute and different. I think the Lauren’s are all really cute and contenders. How many girls are there this season?! Sheesh, this is going on for-ev-er. The girl who makes him smell her armpit with the pit stop joke-yikes that’s a weird ice breaker. I like this photographer girl, damnnn the girls this season seem chatty af, watching her introduction, I think at some point you just need to make yourself stand out and hope the Bachelor takes notice. Think about it the tattletale, only talks about the other people in the house person never is around at the end.

Ewww that first kiss (after the race-which was cute!) was awkward and then she said “you are a good kisser” after a peck. Okay, I take it back about Chelsea the single mom. I can’t with her. The dark haired realtor will be the next bachelorette-I'm calling it now. Jenna-the pedicure girl is she drunk?! 

First Impression Rose: Chelsea the single mom who was cute, but then got too much TV time for my liking. Do we think she got it because she sat with him twice?

Rose Ceremony: At this point, I don't really know many of their names (each season I always say I'm going to write down my faves names and make like a flow chart, but whoops) I can't believe how long it takes to go through that whole first night. It's now daylight people, that shit is cray! To Amber the business owner, please don't think YOU did something wrong. You have to try to stand out among 29 other beautiful girls.

This season looks great, I can't wait for the drams, tears, fashion, and love to come! Cya tomorrow on our regular day and time for the recap from this week :) xo!