Friday, December 15, 2017

Guest Post | Staying Motivated during the Holiday Season by Fitness IGer RippedRobin

You have to give this girl lots of love on IG today because it's her birthday! You know her as babytooth, but today bday baby RippedRobin aka my bestie and baby sissy is taking over! She slays in the kitchen and in the gym and is mega funny. Go give her a follow and bday wish after you read her tips & tricks for staying motivated, xo!

When your blogging bestie texts you “want to write a guest post?” you obviously say yes! So, here I am sharing a topic with you that many people, myself included struggle with. What’s that? Accountability during the holidays! And I’m not talking accountability in regards to going into the 9 to 5 rather than calling out and binging Lifetime Christmas movies but health and fitness.

If you’re like me the closing of the year goes by in a blink of an eye. I’m talking thanksgiving ends and all of sudden is January 2nd.. For some of us the end of the year is a time to push harder and finish those goals strong. But for others its that oh sh!t I didn’t do anything this year worth sharing on NYE. So what I am giving you today, rather than ramble on for days about how to stay accountable I’m giving you 5 tips and tricks to help finish 2017 how it start or how to get started, you ready? Deep breath, you’ve got this…

5 tips and tricks for finishing 2017
 •    Make time for yourself. I get it, theirs only 10 days till Christmas and 16 days left in the year, BUT that’s 10/16 WHOLE days! Every day dedicate as much time as you can for yourself in anyway shape or form. An extra minute in the hot shower focusing on your breath, 5 minute yoga session before bed, or a 30 minute jog to clear your head. If you need, write this time down and schedule like it’s an important meeting with yourself…which leads me to tip two.
 •    Get excited to sweat. Write down your sweat schedule and stick to it! Find a killer playlist and hype yourself up to get sweaty.  Its cold outside and your body needs it. Seriously, sweating detoxes and helps flush all those buffalo wings we pounded back at Friendmas. Not sure what to do to get sweaty? Google high intensity interval training , check out a hot yoga class, or a local spin studio (hint hint, ride with me!)…now for 3.
 •    Go to a fitness class. It’s easy to avoid that post-it that says “hey hot stuff, go get sweaty”, its not easy to pay that $5 no show fee after scheduling a class. Classes help keep us accountable and the best part – you don’t have to think about what to do for a workout. There’s literally someone guiding you the whole time and a class full of people helping to keep you motivated.  Speaking of thinking lets move onto 4…
 •    Think* before you eat. Holidays are time to indulge. Yes I said it, indulge – BUT indudge while still thinking. I would never tell someone not to eat his or her favorite holiday cookie during Christmas. It seriously comes once a year and we need to savor the flavors. What I am suggesting is that we take a few seconds before we go back for handful of cookies, that third helping of buttery mashed potatoes, or that entire bag of red and green peanut m&ms and let the brain belly connect. Are we still hungry? No.  Are we satisfied with the taste already? Yes. Than pack some up leftovers or back away from the cookie platter and get back to table full of laughter and love. *think not over think – no need to over think the calories, carb count, points, etc just a simple mind body check point before getting back into the holiday cheer!
 •    Last but not least, the final tip I have for you. It’s a big one. It’s the game changer, it’s the golden ticket…drum roll please. :::::drums::::: LIVE YOUR LIFE. We’ve heard it all before, life is short. But for realz y’all it is. We are so focused on changing our bodies, not eating carbs, pining to be the biddies on IG that we forget to just live. We spend so much time practicing balance that we forget to put down the phone and just stare at the beauty of the Christmas lights. Take a moment and look up from this blog and just look at something pretty….just a moment. Okay, good. Keep reading…

I could sit here and tell you how to count macros during the holidays and give you healthy swaps but what kind of life is that? I can promise you that if you do tips 1 to 4, whole heartedly make time for yourself, get sweaty, take a class, and think before eating - you’ll enter 2018 feeling excited, accomplished, confident, and ready to throw the deuces up to ’17. I mean after all, it’s the ending everyone remembers right? ;)

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