Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Guest Post | Holiday Makeup Tips & Must Haves by Makeup Artist Ashley Landry

It's no secret I think Ashley is one of the most talented and underrated makeup artists on YouTube, so I wanted her to stop by today to share her tips for holiday makeup and must haves for Christmas! Be sure you give her a follow on the soc meeds and subscribe to her YT channel cause she just slays every look! Also, if you live in the NJ/NY area, she's available for bookings and was rated in The Knot as best makeup artists!! Take it away, Ash, xo!

The holidays are of course my favorite time of year!  Not only do you get to see all your loved ones but you get to engulf yourself in so many cookies that you gain 10 pounds before the new year starts.  As a makeup artist, creating holiday looks is always my favorite part of every December.  You can do anything you want and sparkle as bright as the star on your Christmas tree!  I wanted to share some of my favorite makeup tips of the holidays and some products that beginners can ask for from old Saint Nick!

Tip #1 - Glitter is always a good idea!
When it comes to the holidays, glitter is always a must!  I feel like every kind of look has some type of sparkle whether on the lid or for an inner corner highlight.  Glitter is your best friend for this time of year.

Tip #2 - Red lipstick is a must!
Whether you love red lipstick or not, the holidays is the perfect time to try it out!  Red lips can be intimidating because there are so many shades out there.  My tip is to just try a bunch!  You never know what shade you will love and what will look the best on your skin tone.

Tip #3 - Metallic lipsticks are GORGEOUS at the holidays!
I was never a huge huge fan of the metallic liquid lip craze until I tried it for myself.  My favorite’s are by Colourpop! They are inexpensive and don’t make your lips extremely dry.  I love going in with a red lipstick and then top it off with the metallic color.  It really just bumps up your holiday look and ties everything together.

Tip #4 - Anything goes at the holidays!
You can honestly do anything that you want at the holidays!  It’s the time of year where you can wear as much highlight as you want, as much glitter as you want, and the most glamorous lashes.  Be creative and be yourself!

My picks for products to get for beginners!

#1 - A neutral eyeshadow palette!
It’s perfect for beginners because you can start simple with creating eye looks.
Persona Cosmetics Identity Palette -
LORAC Pro Palette -
Elcie Cosmetics The Minimalist Palette -

#2 - Get a palette where you can get out of your comfort zone!
The biggest tip I have for beginners is to get out of your comfort zone and try new things!  If you stick with neutral and simple colors (though they are they base of every look), you will stay with the same kind of looks.  If you bring in colors and sparkles, then it makes you a better artist to do different things.  You learn more when you do things you aren’t used to.
Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette -

#3 - A good set of brushes!
Brushes are essential to creating the perfect looks and believe me.. a good brush makes all the difference!  I always recommend beginners to invest in a good set of brushes.  Yes they aren’t cheap and yes it’s a big purchase.. but you will have them for a very very long time.  The brushes I have received 4 years ago I still use to this day!  You can start out with Morphe Brushes or Sigma Brushes which are my two favorite brush companies!

I hope you all enjoyed my tips and picks for the holidays!  Have a great holiday season and I hope Santa brings you everything your makeup heart desires!

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