Monday, December 18, 2017

Gift Guide | Luxury Items

You deserve a treat, you've been really good this year. And by you I mean me...but if you also have been really good & need some inspo on how to spoil yourself, look no further! And if you order these items and they arrive after Christmas no one will even realize you spent a lot on yourself ;) you're welcome!

top left to top right;
Givenchy Bag | Neiman Marcus $2,450
Burberry Bandana | $495
Cashmere Beanie | $355 -comes in 9 colors!
Gloves | Burberry Leather $485
Gucci Sunnies | $385
Ring | $2,500 -so many colors to choose from!
Armani Watch | $160
Bobbypins | $125
D&G Phone Case | $525
Suede Louboutin | $675
Makeup Bag | Darley Bag $355
Tory Burch Watch | $275
Celine Bag |  $2,195 -this color is discontinued :(

*ps-happy happy birthday to the twins; my Dad who is my best friend & my second dad, Uncle Ron! I'd be completely and utterly lost without you two!