Monday, November 6, 2017

Where have I been...?

Hi, hello, hey, hi there, it's me! I know what you are thinking "excuse me? what is this? A blog post from Kayla?!" Trust me, I get it. I hate when something I like goes away for a bit, but I feel like I was (kinda still am) in a rut. But I am working through this and I hope you all are still here for it! I won't lie, Instagram kinda killed my spirit. I don't post for likes, I don't post for comments, but when you are putting time and effort into each picture, each caption, each edit and then it falls WAY short, it's like a slow pop to a balloon. 

I tried everything over on IG-moving my hashtags, changing my hashtags, making a theme, only posting at the same time on the same days-NOTHING works. The algorithm hates me and well most people. Now I bet you're thinking "but Kayla, you stopped posting here too..." and that's because I was driving a lot of traffic from IG. But whatever, I'm done with worrying about it (okay, I'll still worry and hope they change things over there)...we will continue to roll on over here!

I'm going to stick with a Monday/Wednesday schedule for now with an occasional Friday and I'm happy to say the rest of this month is scheduled! Including a Thanksgiving takeover post with a giveaway that's cooking up to be one for the books! (the hints in that sentence are ENDLESS...) 

I hope you're still are here with me for all the p&b shenanigans to come :) follow me on social media to stay ahead of the game with sneak peeks, xo!