Friday, November 10, 2017

Unboxing | FabFitFun Sampler Box!

Happy Friday, babes! My dad came home from work a few weeks ago and surprised me with a really cute gym bag that says "meet me at the barre" (which if you didn't know barre is my absolutely obsession). I didn't know where he got the bag from, but I was super happy that he did cause I was in the market for a gym bag. The next day he came home and said "do you know what this is?" and handed me a post-it that said "FabFitFun" on it. I told him I knew what that was, but never tried it. He proceeded to tell me that his coworker receives the boxes and that's where my new gym bag went. He gave her my email and volia! for $2.99 I received my own sampler FabFitFun. Let's see what I got...!

A travel tumbler from which you know is IG worthy with it's cute saying. Next was this GORGEOUS rose gold drop necklace from Luv Aj which I love! I've been eyeing drop necklaces like this for a while and I'm so happy this one came my way. And rose gold = yes, please! And finally is probably my favorite thing in the box, a shadow palette from RealHer. You can see how amazingly beautiful these shadows are below and they are creamy af, I'm obsessed with them, but the best part is 20% from the sales of the RealHer products go to the charity AAWL which supports women. 

I created a few looks with this palette already (one is coming your way real soon!) Let me know if you get any subscription boxes in the comments and what you like best about them, xo!