Friday, August 25, 2017

Try-Day Friday!

I never wear shorts. Okay, sometimes…like to bed when it’s hot or to go on a bike ride, but other than that I really try not to wear them. It’s kinda of crazy how much I despise them because in 7th grade, I would wear them every day from April to October. But the older I’ve gotten the less I like my legs, so I keep them covered up as much as I can.

In an effort to get out of my comfort zone and to embrace the legs I’ve got, I told myself if I could find a cute pair of shorts I’d get them to wear down to the city last week. I went to TJMaxx on Tuesday and found the only pair of black jean shorts they had and they were in my size! So I tried them on to discover they were stretchy and actually looked pretty cute-I was sold! 

You’re probably thinking “okay you wore shorts, what’s the big deal?” well the big deal is I knew I’d be taking tons of pics as Mik and I were headed on a mural tour in Manhattan (seriously guys, we put this together ourselves and it was epic. SO MUCH FUN!)

So the moral of this story is I wore something I’m not totally confident in, but rocked it all day & all night (seriously, I got home at 3:30am) I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and wear something you don’t normally wear. It can be shorts, a ball cap, really high heels, anything. Pick a day and just go for it! I’ve noticed the crew over at Dia&Co have something really fun going on in their offices on Friday called “Try-Day Friday” where they challenge one another to wear a piece they normally wouldn’t feel confident in make it work. Listen, we all know my motto is “fake it til you make it”, so embrace that and let me know what piece of clothing you’re going to rock that you wouldn’t typical wear, xo!