Tuesday, August 1, 2017

bachelorette recap | week 9 | men tell all

Well here we are...The Men Tell All! Starting with some most memorable moments, but I'm gonna hit you with some great things I found on the internet! Did you know Britney Spears (YES, THE QUEEN Britney Jean Spears) turned DeMario down in 2008?! Yup, he approached her and told her he was an aspiring actor and she declined his invitation to "take down his number". Look at her face, in this video guys...it says it ALL! He said multiple times he wanted everyone to know his face...yet he was here for the right reasons...yep, really was-eye roll. Another fun thing I found, Dean posed in a pic with a white girl and she captioned the IG "went black, but came back" and Rachel caught wind and left a comment that said "sent back...he didn't come back lol" bitter much, Rach? See for yourself here! Did you know Rachel SKIPPED her own engagement party that was supposed to go down this past weekend? I don't know why she skipped out on the festivities cause she has said multiple times that she is engaged and so happy. Sounds fishy to me! Let me know what you think about these two things and let's get on with the show!

Starting with Whaboom and Blake-Guys, I still HATE Iggy. Oh and Adam...this season had so many dudes that I couldn't stand. DeMario is running around saying "I text everyone" oh and he called Lexi, the girl that showed up on the basketball date his "side chick". He is a HOT MESS. Why did he bring up Bill Clinton and Monica? Dig your hole deeper and deeper...Iggy is saying his responsibility at the time was to watch out for the woman he has feelings for. I really can't remember Rachel saying "Oh, Iggy, please be my eyes and ears in the house, please Iggy." yeah no, that didn't happen. No one should be mean to Dean! Poor guy. I'm looking forward to his chat with Rachel.

Kenny & Lee...we're back at it. Lee had a lot of racial tweets that popped up (it's the internet, shit doesn't just disappear..) I feel like this is adding so much fuel to the fire cause even if he doesn't feel that way now, he's said a lot of damaging things in the past. The Kenny & Lee situation really just was too far gone. I think it's strange that everyone is saying Lee at the beginning was a standup, genuine guy and then it's switched. Did Lee feel threatened by the other men and their relationships with men or was he just showing his true colors? Off topic for a minute, what is DeMario wearing? Thanks for wearing your best fancy white tee, kid. 

I do feel like Kenny was pegged as a few different characters on the show and the ultimate one wasn't good. It was an aggressive, wrestler, not the smart, loving dad he is. Lee is apologizing to Kenny about not being a good friend and lying to Rachel about the whole van bs. Aweeee, how cute that they brought his daughter out and she has a rose! That's sweet. She's a gorgeous girl. Ah, they're going to Disneyland, how fun!!

Okay, now Lee is in the hot seat! I want him to take ownership of his words and actions. Kenny's question about will people in your real life recongize the person you are on the show, is a solid question. Lee has not answered any question. The men keep talking, Lee isn't able to answer, but he also is just sitting there. Oh boy, they're bringing up his tweets, were he talks shit about women...yikesssss. There's the racist one...eeek. Damn, Lee. I need Lee to talk. Say something...anything at this point. Okay, I get what they are looking for Lee to say. He owned up to what he has said and is taking some ownership. Kenny & Lee have made up kids! I really hope Lee sticks by what he has said and will continue to educate himself on topics and not speak on things without thinking them through, jokes or not. 

Dean is in the hot seat. This guy has been through the ringer in my opinion. The whole situtaion on his hometown date, Rach telling him she is falling in love with him and then BAM, dumped. Dean's outfit choice is questionable, the boots, polka dot socks, the camo tux jacket, what is happening? Heartbroken and got dressed in the dark...I've been there too, bud. 

Alrighty, now the time we've all been waiting for Rachel is in the hot seat! First up, convo with Dean. I feel like she got defensive real quick with him.  Now, she's called out Kenny (which I'm glad she did, cause how he handled what happened when she picked him). Called out Lee, snaps to her. I'm glad that she also said "woman's rights" cause Lee is needs to own up to all of his racist tendencies. I really can't wait Adam and bad hair-Matt-also what's his brows? If I was Rachel, I would've sent you both home early, cause yawn, boring. Is it just me or does Rachel have a little bit of an attitude this whole time? I get it, I would HATE being in front of my ex boyfriends, like would hate it, but maybe she should be a little kinder, more personable. That poor guy who knew her from home, I feel bad for him, I always have.

I have to say, without the added drama of Kenny & Lee, Whaboom and whatever his name is, this season has been pretty boring. I don't know if it's Rachel or dud guys, but it hasn't been top knotch, edge of the seat, I can't wait for next Monday for me. Even the bloopers weren't that great! But with that being said, I am excited to see how this all pans out next week, really cause I just need to know if I need a one-way ticket to Miami or not ;) What's your take on this season? And who do you want as the next bachelor? Let's discuss, xo!