Tuesday, August 8, 2017

bachelorette recap | finale!


Ahhhh, here we are...we've come to the end of Rachel's journey! Okay, 3 hours here we go...!


Hour One
End of one on one: with Peter. This is pretty heavy...he is trying to convey his feelings for her without saying I promise I'll propose. I feel like he is scared cause it's so real to him. I'm glad they're getting time alone in the fantasy suite, but I'm not sure what talking can be done. I always end a romantic date by looking through windows at one another, don't you?! I feel like they had a good night...wink wink...and she's still super into him.

One on One: with Bae-yan! YASSSS, that red shirt. Damn. I know I say it each week, but he is beautiful. Rach is digging the 90s vibes with this look. Did she not think he was good with her family? What's this weird awkwardness?! Okay, her meltdown saying "I don't know, I don't know" wow, she's totally into Peter. Guys, this isn't looking good for Bryan...OMGGGGG DO I HAVE A CHANCEEEEEE?!?! 

Live cut to Rachel and Chris Harrison: She's being very open about what she was thinking during those moments and how it's making her feel now. Oh damn, she was going to dump Peter before the fantasy suite. 

Back to one on one: with Bryan. Anybody else want to run their hands through Bryan's luscious locks?? My mom and I are totally into it. Damnnnnn. He was really excited to get to the fantasy suite...He really loves her. Shoot. 

Back live: I like what she's saying about her off camera time and how much she asked them. She even asked about their credit scores, haha! But good for her, shows you how serious she is about this!

Rose Ceremony: to be honest, I have NO IDEA. Maybe Eric? (ps-I think it's crazy the rose ceremony is the same night after her and B's sleepover) AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I feel like I knew this was coming (I know I've said it week after week), but now that it's real...poor Eric. OMG, I feel so bad. Nothing you say right now can help, Rach. God, he is just a good guy. I love his little speech. Bryan going up to her to make sure she is okay shows how genuine he is. Peter is stepping up. 
And then there were two...

 Hour Two

Live with: Rach & Eric. Gosh, he is such a good dude being so nice and open and honest. These two will stay friends, I definitely see the love between these two. I love how he keeps saying it was beautiful what they had. He talks about her and what she gave him in such a kind way. Eric is a good, good man.

One on One: with Bryan. Hot air balloon ride, how romantic. He is SO HANDSOME! I loveee him in the leather jacket. Can he just be my boyfriend? Rachel is wearing the watch...we've been on the lookout the whole time. I feel like a man being SO sure of you and his feelings is always alarming and makes you want to run. I haven't had this happen to me, but I think it's a natural reaction. He is honest with her about what he is feeling. At this point, no one can say this is for show. Awe his gift to her, so cuteeee! I love how it's personalized. 

One on One: with Peter. Okay, this date was planned, but I think for a good reason. She's trying to get an outsiders perception on marriage. Anybody else keep singing "Who do you know?" from Enchanted in your head during this?? How do you knowwwww he's your's? Peter sees random ass dates in their future...I really don't know what's gonna happen with these two. Oh they're matching! That says something to me haha (I may be reaching at straws cause I want Bryan to myself.) Yikes, whoop there it is. He has said "I can't propose to you." She wants a proposal cause she's been burned in the past, I get it. This is a real convo between these two. He only wants to propose oncce. She wants it now. WOW. I can't believe this is happening. Why did he say "we're not breaking up." "do you want to give tomorrow a chance?" THIS IS HARD TO WATCH. OMG, THEY ARE REAL LIFE FIGHTING. Peter doesn't want to lose Rachel. Rachel doesn't want to lose Peter. Peter said I'll propose if that's what you really want. Rachel doesn't want a forced proposal. This is insanity, people. OMG. They broke up. She needs to understand if he loves her enough to be untrue to himself (by proposing) that he really does love her. OMG they said I love you. Guys, you know it's real, SHE TOOK OFF HER LASHES.

Back live: holy man, my heart is racing. WOWZER. 

Hour Three
Still live: here comes Peter. Okay, does this mean she's engaged to Bryan? Cause I'm seriously bummed. I'm still holding on hope that Peter is the one. I guess not guys. UGH, DAMN IT. What color are Peter's eyes? Grey? They're nice. I love her hoops. Did I already say that? I really love them. Let's learn this lesson: Actions speak louder than words. It's true. Okay, where Eric and Rachel are friends after exes, these two are exes. Peter is saying it was him and being in his head. And Rachel is saying you're a type of person that shouldn't be on a show like this. She's still mad, he's still hurt. Peter is saying he feels attacked and we (me & mom) kinda agree. She's got a lot of attitude. I get her not wanting to hear from him again, that would be more confusing to her. SHE IS MAD STILL. Girl if you are that happy in your new life with my man, stop being so bitter towards, Peter. If you're "living your best life", then embrace that and stop with the bad feelings on the past with Peter. What would it change for her now hearing what she wanted to hear so bad back then?? Nothing. If he said "I wish I would've proposed", what would that have done for her now?

Proposal time: picking the ring. Ring is pretty...not what I would want, but hell if he is giving it to me, then yes, please! Omgosh, that hill and walk up, make him work for it. WHY DOESN'T SHE LOOK MORE EXCITED?!?! I kinda hate this part, I always feel like awkward watching. What in the world? Why is she leading him on this emotional rollercoaster? SAY IT'S YOU. THIS POOR GUY. (& by that I mean the sound guy...this wind, sweet baby J.) DAMN IT...okay, where is his doppelg√§nger?! Awe, alright this is a cute proposal...WHAT IS THIS WIND?!?! 

Back live: he's proposing again. Oh man, I'm jealous. He is a great man. Blind faith. That's nice. They do look happy. I hope they don't end up in LA. I think they need to get a place in both of their hometowns and see what works for them as a couple best. I wish them both the best!

I had SO much fun recapping each episode. I'll def be back next season, so stay tuned, xo!

*ps-I get asked this a lot, but I don't typically watch Bachelor in Paradise, so I don't know if I'll be recapping that cause it's not something I typically tune into. But who knows, next week I may change my mind! :)