Tuesday, July 25, 2017

bachelorette recap | week 8


Okay meeting Rachel's family because her sister is very pregnant. 

Family Date: with Peter. First up, they head to shop for the new baby which is really fun and cute. 
cut to Eric and Bryan: how did Bryan know this info of Peter & Rachel's one on one date weeks ago? Hmmmm... 
 Ohhhh, snap! Peter finally told Rachel that he's falling in love with her. Peter's parents had a whirlwind romance and have been married 36 years, I think he shouldn't have such cold feet about it. He knows it can work. Peter is very sincere as he tells her family the whole story. I like what Rach's mom is saying to Peter. I'm glad she is driving the point home to him that she is there for marriage. I'm also glad Peter is sticking true to himself and not asking for her hand in marriage just yet. It would be fake if he did since we all know how he is feeling. His meeting with her family went great and I still see him sticking around.

Family Date: with Eric. I'm happy Eric is up front with Rachel's family with his past. Eric is a sweet guy. I don't think it necessarily matters that he's never been in love. He's grown leaps and bounds during this process. He got to know Rachel and got to know their relationship and is moving at a nice pace. I trust Eric would treat Rachel well and give her everything she wants and needs. With all of that being said, I don't think he's the one. And that makes me sad for him. 

Family Date: with Bryan. Eric you are spot on with the "she wore the watch". I totally hear what you are saying! That means something, as dumb as it may be, it's very symbolic. Bryan is the ONLY one meeting her friends. This is TELLING, guys! I'd DEFINITELY make my pick meet my friends during my hometown. God, he is beautiful. I want him to my boyfriend. He is such a momma's boy. Hearing talk about how he wants to love Rachel forever is so sweet. Rach's mom is a stickler. I like her. Rachel is getting uncomfortable with her mom giving him the business. I think she desperately wants them to approve cause that's who she wants to pick. I'll fight Rachel's sister...this is the hardest they've been on one of the guys. Where did he go? I feel like that was editing. You ask questions, expect answers there, sisterbear. Man oh man, this poor guy is being put through the ringer. I feel like now is the perfect time to remind everyone, I will date Bryan if he doesn't end up with Rachel. So have no fear, I'm here!

Okay, now we are on to Spain! To be honest, I'm completely confused. Where are the damn fantasy suites?! 

One on One: with Eric. "One on one full of fun." That's not a great catchphrase, Big E. Oh look it's a helicopter, in case you forgot what show you're watching. Oh Spain looks lovely! Complete sidebar; please don't make her wear any more eye makeup than what she has on right now. It's the perfect look for her. I liked their chat. Ohhh, I like this bell wish dealy. They've had a great date. I can't figure out Rachel's face when Eric says he loves her the first time. Why with the eyeshadow?? Oh shit, here it issss....fantasy suite! R&E are headed there and I think they'll have a beautiful night. He is head over heels. He can't wait to start their life. Ugh, Rach don't break his heart...!

One on One: with Peter. Okay, this is the date I've been looking forward to cause the teaser have a lot of tears at Peter's hands. I like their banter. The day has gotten heavy and then bam, a little cutie pops up. Rachel's little girl "Hiiiiiiii!" is close to my dog "Hi". Come on producers, way to draw it out by having that little girl pop up with flowers. Peter is probably counting his lucky stars cause shit was gonna get real. Is she gonna say "I love you" to Peter? Let's find out friends...She almost cried over a damn cork? She really, really, really is into him. I think she wants him to validate her feelings by saying he will propose. If he says "I will propose" she will pick him. I respect what Peter is saying about an engagement means marriage. I think a lot of people get engaged without being ready to be married, especially on this show, but they go hand in hand. I get where they both are at in this. If she knows he is the ONE, then being bf/gf at the end is fine. Shoot, are they breaking up?!?!? He looks pretty upset, she's clearly upset. Maybe she should tell him him she loves him. Would that change things? UGH, this is a lot to take in! 

WTF. DO NOT MEN TELL ALL ME NEXT WEEK CHRIS HARRISON. COME ON. You leave us with a to be continued and then drop this dumb shit on us. Come on man. Chris Harrison doing us DIRTY! Let's discuss this week's drams, cause in 2 weeks were going to be in the thick of the finale...xo!