Tuesday, July 18, 2017

bachelorette recap | week 7

Hometowns! Here we go! *remember this is a recap which includes spoilers 

First hometown: Eric in Baltimore. Okay with them sitting on the bench & playing bball, I can see what it would be like for them as a couple. I like what Eric's friend is saying about him, feels real and genuine. Digging the vibe with his family, them all dancing on the couch was super cute. I'm glad Eric's Aunt brought up race. Rachel needs to understand bottom line she's being judged by everyone, doesn't matter her color or who she chooses, people judge. Eric chatting with his mom is giving us a lot of insight into Eric's past. I feel like Eric is absolutely ready. Wow, Eric and his dad are having a moment, I'm proud of who Eric became. I have good feelings after this hometown date, but I feel like Eric is going to get his heartbroken in the end. As much as I see them together, I feel like he's more into her than her of him. 

Second hometown: Brayn in Miami. He is handsomeeeee, ugh guys I can't. He's gonna dance?! Stop don't tell me he's gonna dance. His ass in those pants while he's dancing...damn. His momma is obsessed with him, went right into to hug him. I mean I get it. He is really a momma's boy. His mom is saying he's been a player, but she doesn't think this could happen for him so quick. His mom didn't laugh when she threatened Rachel's life...she's dead ass serious. But I do think she will be on board with whatever he wants ever. Ugh come onnnn, his voice when he said he loved her made me wamna say it back. He is so handsome, sheesh. I feel the feels too Rach, I feel em too. 

Third hometown: Peter in Madison. Note: this was the first run into his arms! I see these two together. To me, Peter doesn't see this as a competition and never has. Oh bringing her to his spot! That's serious stuff. I love when you can tell that those are he's people, like that's how I get when I see my friends. Peter is letting his hair down and I'm seeing a different side of him. Peter keeps it SO REAL, props to him. I feel like a lot of them get so caught up in the show, but Peter is really thinking about what it could be out of this. He's adorable with his niece. Side bar: Rachel likes a lot of ice in her drink, has to be a Texas thing as my good friend does too. I feel like the biggest issue here with P&R is he won't propose. I feel like if she geniuely sees it then it doesn't matter if it happens at the end of the show or a month or two later. 

Last hometown. Dean in Aspen. I've been looking forward to this date the most to be honest. Preach, Dean. Having a different relationship with a parent is something you don't get until it happens to you.  I feel really bad for him as he's walking up. He's just so embarrassed by his dad's life. Rachel is. Wing a sport to show Dean this isn't defining him. Side bar: is that girl's hair whiter than mine?! Dean's dad is still heartbroken over losing Dean's mom. I wish Dean didn't have to go through this on tv. I feel so bad for Dean. He didn't need to try to repair this relationship to build one with Rachel.  

Rose Ceremony: oh boy...I was so sure who would be going home tonight at the beginning of this episode and now I'm not so sure. Bryan...check! Eric...check! Peter...check! I knew Dean would be sent home. But I thought for a second that it could happen. I know it has nothing to do with his  family, but I hope he understands that.