Tuesday, July 11, 2017

bachelorette recap | week 6

Okay, Rach is hitting them hard with this week's rules. No rose ceremonies, 3 one on ones, and a group date!

One on One: with Bae-yan...I mean Bryan. He is hot af. I can't. I'm glad she's starting off the night right. His suit, damnnnnnnn. She said get ready and got ready he did! Honey, he would look good behind the wheel of a '94 Civic. HE IS JUST TOO HOT. They get in a Bentley and drive off to a watch store. Oh what a segue, to tell you quick about something I am working on! I've teamed up with JORD Wood Watches to share my vacation style. So stay tuned! Okay, back to the date. Did she pay for them really?? Or did ABC? That is a nice watch. I love a man in a watch.

Cut to Adam bitching. If I'm being honest, I had no clue he was on the show until last week...
Now Dean is talking some shit. EXCUSE ME? You are a manboy, sit down young man.

Cut to the date. I feel like Bryan may be a sweet talker, but I genuinely do see that he's into her. It would be a plot twist if he rips her heart apart in the end. Maybe that's just me wanting to push my way in there. What are your thoughts on Bryan? He seems to be like Jordan on JoJo's season...who I loved! And they are still going so strong.

One on One: with Dean. I feel like Dean and Rachel haven't been together in a bit. Their last one on one was really cute and I could see it happening, but since then they've fizzled a little. Let's see how this goes. I like his Sunday best. I feel like Dean is on edge and it's making their date awkward. Last time wasn't like this. I feel bad that he has family drama. She's forcing him to talk, except he can't get serious. I think he needs to man up and put it out there. There's the manboy I speaking of earlier. Bryan may be too much, Dean isn't enough. 2nd part of their date is just as awkward as the beginning. He is having a hard time being vulnerable, but he should understand she gets it, she went through this. I'm surprised he got a rose cause it was so difficult to watch the first part of this date. She's right tho, she isn't looking for a new family, she's looking for an extension of her partner.

One on One: with Peter. So far I'm 3 for 3 in my picks for top 4, just an FYI ;) Okay, I'm calling it rn...top 2 is Bryan and Peter. AWE DOGSSSSSS! Yayyyyyyyy. I hope they aren't mistreated. I'd be too busy talking to the dogs to pay attention to the mountains or my date.

Cut to the guys bitching again. Eric I think will round out the top 4. Idk who this other bad hair guy is. I know I talked about him before and to be honest, idk how he's still around.

Back to the freezing date. I like that Peter is being honest with her. There's probably nothing worse than watching the show back and seeing your potential partner talking about how they want to leave. This process isn't for the weak. Peter isn't my cup of tea, but Rachel seems to be digging him hardcore.This date is kinda boring. I get that Peter had to share with Rach his past, she can't worry about him proposing yet. I think she needs to meet his family first.

Three on One: with Adam, Eric, and Matt-bad hair guy. That date card was awful. Setting up the drama. Those guys thinking Peter was going home are nuts. It's a fight to the death dudes, man up. Adam thinks his relationship is stronger than anybody else? Huh? Did I miss an episode where he was the star? How many guys does it take to help one lady into a boat? Adam please stop talking. He is on a different show right now cause he acts like Rachel is "oh Adammmm, save me from these lugs." And that is NOT the case.

She pulls Eric aside first. Eric has grown a lot this season. He went from bitching and moaning every second to being lowkey and more about Rachel. Eric has a point, life is hard. I like their time they spent together.

How is Matt-bad hair guy still around? I swear he just showed up week 4 and then I thought he was gone week 5. He isn't getting the rose. Poor guy should've been let go weeks ago. He's probably very nice, I just don't see them working or on the same playing field as a Peter or a Bryan (man, I wish he was on the screen.) She's basically telling him "if we met on match.com, it'd totally work, but we met on national TV and I really don't know you."

Adam is still left because he believes this isn't difficult and knows he's the one for her. *major eye roll* I really can't even remember them having any alone time until the viking date. HE DIDN'T EVEN HAVE ALONE TIME IN PART ONE OF THE DATE. Ayi ayi ayi. "A whole new light to your eye" that doesn't even make sense. Please send this bag of rocks home...when Adam says this could've all went different if she went to his hometown, isn't a positive statement. You need her to fall for you first and then fall in love with you family.

 And we're headed home, kids! Top 4; Eric, Dean, Peter, and Bryan.

Woah next week looks like a doozy.
I am going to try to have my recap up like normal next Tuesday, but I'll be away on vacation, so hopefully I can make it happen! Let's discuss this week's episode, xo!