Tuesday, July 18, 2017

33 of my favorite things!

Today is my 33rd birthday...yikes that's weird to say, but it's the truth. I decided to do something different and fun for this year's blog post. I saw one of my fave bloggers Lauren (vandifair.com) do something like this for her bday a few weeks back. Since I love the "favorites game", I asked my 3 people who have known me the longest ; Jen, babytooth, and Aunt Chrissy (baby bestie was away being fabulous in Italy while I was putting it together) to ask me questions about my fave things. Things they may not even know about me. So keep reading if you want the answers to those questions as well as some never before seen pics (well at least I don't think I've shared them before.)


Jen's Questions

1. Favorite movie? The Santa Clause
2. Where would you live, if you could live anywhere? I think I really would pick Canada (hot guys & hockey aside) it seems like a nice place...
3. If you could only upgrade one room of your house, which would it be and what would you do? Oh this is a good question! I would say my room. I'd want to have a custom vanity with good lights for pics. Also, I'd give anything for someone to come in and clean my room.
4. What is your favorite thing about yourself? I think I'm a really good friend. I also love my sense of humor. I genuinely love when people laugh at things I say or do.
5. What is your favorite flower? Peonies or Hydrangeas
6. Who is your biggest hero? This is hard. It's hard to pick just one cause there's hero-like qualities in so many people in my life. Especially you, Jen. You are a SUPER WOMAN, doing it all & doing it so well!
7. What do you love to shop for? Anything beauty related.
8. What is your biggest guilty pleasure? The Disney Channel
9. You're in NYC, where would I find you hanging out? Hmmm, there's so many places I love. I love strolling down 5th, or hanging in Times Square, but hands down I'd have to go with MSG. For obvious reasons...#NYR
10. What is your best memory? This is the hardest question ever. I have so many!! I'll pick one with you that will always make me laugh...remember that time we were laying in my bed and you said "kay, you forgot to tape popstars!" and I said "oh shit!" like it was life for death and then we laughed until we cried? Oh you know what's another one I love? A little song I made up for you...which you're now singing...you're welcome.
11. You're favorite song of all time? Really...you know damn well I can't answer this. I'll give you some from my top 10; *nsync's for the girl who has everything (not the version from the album, the other one with Justin), whatchu like by dabrat featuring tyrese, there's nothing holdin' me back by shawn mendes (I know this is still new, but it puts me in the best mood), let me be by britney spears, let's take a ride by Jt...

babytooth aka Robin's Questions

12. What's your favorite donut flavor? I love strawberry frosted with sprinkles. Or chocolate frosted with sprinkles. Or boston cream. Ohh or maple.
13. Where's you favorite place to go when happy and when sad? my bed, haha! I feel like I do my best thinking there or sleeping if I'm sad.
14. What's your favorite childhood memory? I really have so many good ones. Here's some of my faves with you...playing b's. Or that time we played private eyes in the backyard with Jeffy. But I think my hands down fave childhood memory of all was when we went to Rookie & Rene's wedding all by ourselves. (In 1996, btooth (she was 8) and I (I was 12) went to a minor league baseball game alone for the mascots wedding!)
15. What's your favorite IG filter? Clarendon
16. What's your favorite place to eat out? Magnolia's or ihop
17. Favorite cocktail? champs!
18. Favorite make up product ( only ONE)? mascara, while I don't really have a fave anymore, it's the one thing product I couldn't live without.
19. Favorite thing about being blonde? I feel like blondes are a dime a dozen these days and I like being part of a secret club where we can have more fun!
20. Favorite quote? "What's for you, wont pass you" is the quote that's gotten me through some hard times and the one I live by. I also absolutely love this quote from the book The Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Skyes where the main character is describing her dream man; "I want someone smart and fun, who I can moan and whine at for hours and they'll still adore me" another quote I live by.
21. Favorite breakfast food? french toast!
22. Favorite time of day? night time, around 10/11.

Aunt Chrissy's Questions

23. Fave Movie Star? Denzel Washington & Rachel McAdams
24. Favorite Nail Polish Color? that's a mega hard question cause I love to wear every color, except maybe orange
25. Favorite Makeup Brand? another hard one...I think they brand that never lets me down is Kylie Cosmetics...I wear something from them at least everyday
26. Fave Ice Cream Flavor? cotton candy! Or soft vanilla w/rainbow sprinkles
27. Fave Vaca Spot? PI where I am currently!
28. Fave Person? too many to name!
29. Favorite Disney Movie? Frozen or Wall-E
30. Favorite Author? ohh I love Chevy Stevens, Sophie Kinsella, Aven Ellis, Courtney Summers
31. Favorite High School teacher? Mr. Spinelli or Ms. Costa
32. Fave DJ? DJ Big Momma aka DJ Mommy Momz, duh
33. Fave Hockey Player? Rick Nash aka Boo