Wednesday, June 7, 2017

series | countdown to the best summer ever!

A few days ago I asked on IG (guys, I do a nightly chit chatty story-don't miss out on the fun; @polishedandbubbly) on what you would rather see; a countdown to the best summer ever or summer musts and busts...almost everyone said both, so here we are! Each Wednesday, I'm going to be sharing my ideas, tips, and tricks to having the best summer ever. Join in on the fun using the hashtag #pnbbestsummerever on IG & Twitter so I can stalk your lives! Now let's get started...

My first tip to having the summer best ever (or even just the best time ever) is making a playlist! I am the biggest fan of Spotify and you can make your own playlists for any event, mood, or even make a playlist that is the setlist to the concert you'll be going to in August cause you want your best friend to be able to sing along (Mikhaila...I'm talking about you.) I create a playlist for each season and I actually renamed my spring playlist for summer cause I've been adding to it and am still lovinggggg it. 

Checkout my playlist (so far...!) below and let me know what you think it's missing. Do you make a playlist or have any songs that remind you of summer? Let me know in the comments, xo!