Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Random Fun Facts

Hello filler post...since the NBA finals cramped my style, here's a good old filler post. But you wanted to know random things about me...right?! Well even if you didn't, here we go!

I have an obsession with dinosaurs and cartoon dinosaur movies. I have a LittleFoot and Arlo stuffie on my bed...still to this day. LittleFoot is my ride or die. 

I didn't get my driver license until I was 26. I waited a really long time, but now I actually love driving.

I sleep with my mouth open and always drool. Weird? yes. Gross? definitely. But 100% true.

I've written a novel, but I'm terrified to edit it to get ready to send it to publishers. 

 If I could trade lives with anyone, I'd love to be Barbie...she's got it all and can do anything!

See you tomorrow for the countdown to the best summer ever, xo!