Tuesday, June 20, 2017

bachelorette recap | week 4


Rose Ceremony:  Why does Lee have a knife with him? Also, have you heard about his twitter drama? He seems like handful and I don't think he'll be around for a long time. I really hate when they don't focus on Byran...well that didn't take long for my lady boner to pop up, did it? Okay, the wrestler what's his name? Willy? (sidebar: his name is Kenny!) Idk I could see him with Rachel. Oh crap, he's headed inside to met Lee. Grab some popcorn, kiddos, cause this episode is gonna get real...Ahhh, Bryan is so charming and I'm eating it all up. Sheesh, I don't even like this kinda BS that he's spitting at her and honestly, I can't even get enough. Phew. If he is the next Bachelor (no spoilers about the end, please!), I will send in my tape. I feel bad for Rachel, these guy are so high drama. I really love the ones that spend their time with her making it about her and their relationship. I'm glad she put an end to the cocktail party and got right to the roses. I really feel like this season has been producer driven in some of her picks. It really bothers me when you can tell he she isn't into the drama and BS, but then keeps those guys around...ps-I had no idea there was a guy named Diggy.

One on One: with Dean. I think that they are super cute together. I love that Dean is nervous about this blimp ride. I'm pretty stoked it's not a helicopter like every other episode. Rachel's sneaks are SO CUTE! The setup of this dinner is so magical and romantic. I would love a date like this...it looks like a fairytale. Dean has had life shit happen and that's why he's so mature. He grew up real fast. He's so into her, with all the little kisses and touches. I never remember his age and I don't think Rach really does either. He'll be around for a while.

Group date: on a boat...which prompted Bryan to lift his arms and show his abs. So I'm already in. And now his shirt is off...damnnnnnnnn. Okay, I'm gonna focus now. I love Kenny's rap. I live for a good freestyle...Peter's was funny. Those poor suckers thought they were just chilling on a boat and here they end up at a spelling bee! Eric looks PISSED. Let's see how they can hold up...waittt, Jonathan the tickle monster is a DOCTOR?!? No I need more info on this, stat! Spelling isn't for them. Why didn't we get to see Bryan spell? :( Okay on to the next part of this date...I'm looking for standouts. I think Peter and Rachel remind me of a couple that was matched up by friends cause they are a good fit. I like them together and can see it happening. To me Eric is two different guys-one type with the guys and one type with her. I don't hate it yet, but who knows what next week will bring. Josiah likes to win and that's clear with his goofy behavior after winning the spelling bee. Iggy, over him, boy bye. Lee is playing the victim there...both he and Kenny are at fault. Kenny rhymed journey and attorney...what do you got, Lee? Drunk, that's what Lee got. Ahhhh, Bry swooping in to save the day...Next week will be a doozy...wait, TWO NIGHTSSSSSS = more Bryan...yassssssss!

Yet another episode that doesn't end with a rose ceremony...I think I need to let it go cause clearly that's not he shows MO anymore. This week was pretty good and I definitely see Rachel finding a man out of this bunch...that's not my man, Bryan (in case that wasn't clear.) Let's discuss in the comments, xo!