Tuesday, June 27, 2017

bachelorette recap | week 5; night 1

End of Group Date: Kenny and Lee...Lee and Kenny. These two are just getting started. There's nothing to this, but the one one one time with Bryan. And to be honest, I was just staring at him the whole time. He gets the rose and I clapped I was so happy. Too good to be true, fine by me.

One on One: with Jack, good on paper guy. He's kinda awkward to me. Like he's having first date jitters, which is understandable, it's the first one on one, but still. Oh that first kiss, ewwwww so awkward. Poor guy. Wait a second, Jack thought that kiss was good? She pulled away and laughed. Oh this poor sob.

Weird cut to the guys hanging out bitching. Lee is acting like he's Rachel's eyes and ears. Lee has proven he's a racist by his tweets, I won't post them here cause I'm not about that life, but google it. Lee uses his words to hurt people on the show and on twitter. Lee is your classic pot stirrer, who likes to see how far he can push people.

back to the date, I think Jack is setting himself up here cause he's going home. You can tell Rachel is not feeling it. He's all over the place. I love Paris or did he say "parents? Maybe parents he followed it up with "is your dad funny?" like I've never had a first date ask me that. Also, when he smiles so wide and dips his head, he looks like a serial killer. I'm proud of her for just putting it out there. I feel like now I'm awkward after watching that! My mom texted me during and said "Jack is dying in front of our eyes" and she was so spot on.

Rose Ceremony: who is this Adam? Have I seen him before? Okay, I think he's going home and Iggy too! Cause I just don't see it and hate his name haha. If Rachel heard Adam say "this snack" about him, I don't think he'd still be there. Cya Iggy the Iguana. Also goodbye Tickle Monster. EW god, if I never see that again it'll be too soon. WHY couldn't he just hug her goodbye like a normal person? Guys, I need to find a bf asap, cause I can't have it be just me and Tickle Monster left in the single pool. Bryan in a suit, we need more of this, esp that black detail. Damn.

Bryan had his tongue out for a hot minute and my goodness...ohhh one on oneeeee.
One on One: with Bryan. What are you talking about crazy, Dean? She is into him. I'm so jealous of her, cuddled up with her on the train. Wow, what a cool date! I'm not adventurous like this, but it's a once in a lifetime, and with him next to me, done deal. Girl, Rach knowing about 187, my girl is hip hop. I like that he's so confident. I don't think it's him being overly cocky, but him believing in their relationship and what he sees in her. I'm really digging him (more than the looks now...) Rachel would be a good fit for him, but I can take him off her hands. People say I'm a catch too, Rach and I'm single af. What's wrong w/me? Not sure, jury is still out...get it, she's a lawyer. Her dinner outfit is fireeee, yasss girl. I think Bryan gets his haircut with scissors, it's very nice in the back. Bryan is back for another week ladies and gents, (I should just say ladies and Dad, cause he's the only dude reading...if he's not, let me know in the comments)

Group date: Okay, I have to say, I wish I could see Bryan in that outfit...any way, this group date was fun! I really liked how all of them got into it. Peter is SO into her. I liked that he was handsy with her. Good for Will for having some big ups and putting on a show. Aweeeee, Kenny FaceTiming with his daughter, so cute. Lee, looking at pictures in a book, doesn't count as reading...sorry, pal! Will's alone time was really good. Alex's too, I didn't hate his letter either. I feel like this is when it starts to get super confusing for her. All of the guys that are on this date are into her and it's showing. Josiah is a little over the top with this, laying it on so thick. I love how we see the alone time crashing and burning, but Josiah comes out and says "it was great. so good." Was it? Objection, prosecutor. (2 for 2 with the lawyer puns...!) Oh shit, Rachel is into Peter. And they are going for it, for a second I forgot it was a group date. Way to go, Will! You have been a slow horse, but I really like that you are you!

Two on One: Kenny & Lee. You can see what type of guys there are by how they exited...Lee walked through the door. Kenny walked through, but made sure it closed.  Keep that mindset, Kenny. Focus on her. I like that they have a little inside joke, which I think I missed, haha! Honestly, if onion time happened while Bryan was around, it was bound to go right over my head. Lee is a story teller and an actor. God Rachel, don't be this naive. I do think they both are trying to make themselves look better. But at the end of the day, none of the guys tell the same story Lee does. I have a question, why is Kenny and Rachel so cold, but Lee is chilling in his lightweight hoodie?! Kenny should've said "ask the guys." Also, he's kinda acting like a crazy person now.

Well, of course we're having a cliffhanger, but here's my overall take on tonight's episode-Bryan, Peter, and Will are in the lead. And I'm almost thinking both Kenny and Lee go home tomorrow after some dramz of course. Let's discuss in the comments or DMs-cause a bunch of you like to keep up with me there and I love it! Until tomorrow, peeps, xo!