Tuesday, June 6, 2017

bachelorette recap | week 3


I just want to start with this...this is a recap, meaning I am watching the show as I write this. So I'm giving my thoughts and opinions as the show progresses, so yes there are spoilers. If you haven't watched yet, bookmark this and come back, xo!
Rose Ceremony: DeMario shows up and talks in circles, but Rachel is a smart girl and knows BS when she sees it. Do I think if he wasn't a grade-a douche could he have stuck around? Yeah and I'm sure if he actually said something truthful, she'd let him back in, but he seems to have repeaterettes. The guys out front killed me. They are such a bunch of teenage girls. Rachel needs a mic to drop after that speech, yasssss girl! Okay, I need to know how tickle monster got that job title...cause wtf? Now this Lucas & Blake shit is just bananas. Literally BANANAS. I told you last week if you use your time to put down someone else, she's gonna see right through that-Blake, talking about you boo. Coulda stuck around if you just let Whahboom shoot himself in the foot, he would have eventually. I could watch Blake and Whahboom argue all day, this is comedy at it's finest.

Group Date #1: I love Ellen. This is such a fun group date! I agree with Ellen about the tickle monster. I love these that take them completely out of their comfort zone. Bryan, if you want to kiss and tell, let me know boo. Was/is Alex a stripper?? Cause he's got some moves. I love never have I ever! This was a great game to play on a date too. I kinda love Fred and I love that they have a history. I think Rachel needs to give him a fair shot and drop the he was a bad kid. He's obsessed with her (in a good healthy way...kinda like me with Bryan.) Do I even need to mention this...but BRYAN IS MINE RACHEL. STOP IT, LEAVE HIM ALONE. Okay, phew. (I did find him on IG and really tho...why is he SO HOT?!) Anyway (I know, I know, no one is going read these recaps if I don't shut up about my lady boner for him...) Poor Fred...I'm so sad for him and I hate that she brought the rose with her to talk to him. I really feel bad cause he was so excited about her. I think she should've given it another week to see if she could get there. Standout: they are all pretty even to me with where they stand with her.

1 one 1: with Anthony. Horses around Beverly Hills and going into stores? What in the world? I liked that the date was out of his comfort zone (& her's too cause she's never been on a horse in the middle of a city) I love the Sprinkles ATM, how freaking cute! And the people yelling out "it's a one on one" are cracking me up. EWWWW, what did you think would happen riding around on horses? I guess the next time I say my job sucks, I don't have to pick up horse shit, haha! I will say they are super cute together. I can see it happening. I think they compliment each other really well. I feel like Anthony is so genuine. He's a front runner!

What are Iggy and Eric even fighting about? The men can be worse than the girls. It's wild to me how crazy they can get. But it comes down to people are competitive and this is a competition after all!

Group Date #2: I love that her girls from last season showed up to support! Side bar: was Corinne drunk or sedated? She seemed off to me or maybe that's the real her! Eric is gonna have his work cut out for him which two guys talking smack about him-also if I never hear "here for the right reasons" again it'll be too soon. Not sure why they would have the professional wrestler -Kenny on the wrestling date, seems a little unfair! Bryce came out of nowhere for me (and for Kenny-he kicked his ass!)...I think he'll be around for a while. And if not for Rachel, for Raven (wouldn't they be cute together?!?) I feel like the conversations all seem the same to me, no one is jumping out to me or Rachel really. What are they saying about Eric being inexperienced? What does that have to do with anything? Worry about yourself, Lee. (Cause you are in some HOT water with those tweets, Sir.) Standouts for me: None. I feel like they were all the same and Rachel gave Eric the rose to reassure him.

Rose Ceremony: Eric makes a valid point when he says "I'm not here to date you" to the guys. Which bottom line, he's 100% correct. I understand that you want your future husband to get along with people, but competition brings out the worst in people.  But all in all, I never understand what Eric and guys are fighting about...I have to agree with Eric on some level. Failing with Rachel is on him. (Guys, honestly whenever Bryan comes on the screen, I say holy shit. Cause he is hot AF.) Lee is a pot stirrer kids and next week is going to prove that.

What did you think about this week's episode? Let's discuss in the comments, xo!