Tuesday, May 2, 2017

You asked...I answered | Q & A pt 1

I've been collecting questions for a Q &A and here's part 1. Stay tuned for part 2 next week, xo!

Leslie from Peaches & Willow asks what's my number one passion in life? Which is a tough question. I'm super passionate about lots of things from my family & friends, to the Rangers, to reading. Obviously, p&b is big on my passion list as well.

Samantha from Samantha March on YouTube asks as someone who watches YouTube, what draws you to a YouTuber's videos/channels and what makes you subscribe and keep watching? My fave YTers are people I'd want to hang out with. I love being able to get sucked into a tutorial that feels like it's a friend teaching me how to do my makeup or laughing along during a storytime video.

Pepper B from MeetPepperB.com asks what's your personal hidden beauty secret tip or trick that's a part of your routine? I don't think I have many hidden tips or tricks, cause I'm constantly sharing what I learn, but I think my fave tip for blonde's is letting purple shampoo sit on your hair. I know so many blondes that never even heard of purple shampoo which blows my mind! Another trick, if you must pop your pimple, use a Q-Tip, instead of your finger nails which are the dirtiest part on your body!

 Simona from Simona's Corners of Dreams asks if you could only wear one nail polish colour and had to choose your fave piece of clothing, what would you pick and why? Sheesh, Simona, ask a harder question why don't ya? Okay, nail polish color would be Blanc from Essie. Cause I love a good white polish. Or Sheer Nirvana by Sally Hansen which is the most perfect pale blush ever. Ugh-I'd miss a dark polish tho...I hate having to pick haha! Clothing, lately it's my distressed Express sweater because it's black and goes with everything!

babytooth aka RippedRobin on IG asks there was a stage in your life you hardly wore makeup, what sparked your passion for beauty? It's true, pre 2008 (?) I hardly wore any makeup at all. I'm not much of a morning person so I never would put it on and then I started wearing minimal makeup. And then about 4 or 5 years ago, I really got sucked into YouTube and beauty gurus and the rest is history.

My internet Momma, Aven Ellis wants to know my fave holiday and why? I love me some Christmas because I love the whole season from Thanksgiving through NYE. I love spending extra time with the fambam as well.

Queenshirin asks how did you get into makeup? YouTube! I started watching the Fowler sisters and then I was hooked on trying every product they showed.

gisselle_delacruz asks what’s your favorite go to makeup product? It really depends, but something I reach for every time I do my makeup is the Loreal Lumi Highlighting Powder. It has a white shade in the brick and it can add the right glow to any look.

Dzoccoli wants to know if you could only meet Khloe Kardashian or Rick Nash aka Boo, who would you pick? Hi Dana! Well, I already met Khloe so Boo, duh! But if I hadn’t already met KK, then I’d still pick Boo, cause he is the most handsome in the world…cue the boo song :)