Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Squad Goals

I’m shouting out all of my baes today. Really, I know everyone says that they have the best of friends, but honestly I think my group takes the cake! Here’s a little back story on each of my besties and why I love them so.

Let’s start off with someone you all know and love, babytooth. Btooth was born to be my bestie. Like literally tho, she was born and it became clear that she would be my PIC. From early on, we had a bond that no one could describe. We speak our own language and always know what the other one is thinking. I don’t know if it’s because our dads are twins or what, but from sounding the same (people can’t tell our voices apart ever “who said that?” is a comment we get often.) to dressing the same, we’re always on the same page.

I met Mikhaila at work about 4 years ago. We hit it off from the start and we say daily that we can’t believe we’ve only known each other for this small amount of time. It feels like we’ve been friends our whole lives. As an adult, I haven’t made many new friends, but I believe the ones I have are for a reason. I know that Miki and I will be best friends for the rest of our lives because our friendship is a bond that makes both of us grow. I’ll always be her biggest fan and ride or die bff.

Jen or JenPup413 or JMichele has been my besties since we were 8 years old. When you grow up with someone and they know all of our secrets, you have to keep them close. No really tho, if I become famous, I may make her sign a non-disclosure agreement in case she finds “the videos”. All joking aside, there’s something so nice about having a bestie that you don’t have to speak with every day, but know you can call them and you’ll pick up right where you left off!

Baby bestie is part of my squad for sure. When Bean was born, I was 16 and I loved spending time with her while she was growing up. I loved the stories my aunt would share with me about how she wanted to wear what I was wearing or that she was wondering about highlights at the age of 8. Now that she’s 16 our relationship is on a whole different level. Our bond is inseparable and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. From all the advice I give for all her HS drama to the laughs and inside jokes, spending time with her is good for my soul.

Sharing about my besties has made me want a girls night asap, so dolls, let’s get planning. Until tomorrow, xo!