Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Q & A | Part 2

 Time to answer more of your questions, part 2 on the Q&A is below! Thanks for submitting questions, can't wait to do this again soon, xo!

Daniellefortier asks what’s your fave makeup brand? Ohhh, this is a toughy. Drugstore-Maybelline Highend-I love tarte, Urban Decay, Kylie...the list goes on.

Theshibbyjean wants to know who is your makeup inspiration? I’m really inspired by a lot of people from Jaclyn Hill to Khloe Kardashian. I love how fearless Khloe is with her looks (including hair). But I also really love Miss Brie (IG) and ComsobyHaley

Thetaylorcherie has two questions and wants to know 1- if you could meet someone you’ve never met before that is now dead, who would it be? Honestly, I don't really know. But I would love another day with my Grandma.  2-what is your fave product ever? Okay, with the tough questions! Ever? Uhhh, I can't pin point it, but the one thing I couldn't live without would be mascara.

Ladykate92 wants to know what’s your biggest pet peeve beauty youtubers do in their videos? I don't think I have a pet peeve. I get into swings were I want to watch every video ever made by a YTer and then after a huge binge fest, I won't watch for a while. Currently, I'm obsessed with Clevver Style, especially Lunchy Break.

Cassie_beatzz asks who’s your favorite makeup artist? I love the super popular Jaclyn Hill, Makeup by Mario, Joyce Bonelli, but I also love Haley Wight and Ashley Landry-who I think is the most unrated on YT. Seriously, check her out, she does AMAZING work!

Stephhmoralesss wants to know what’s your fave type of food?  I loveeeee Thai food!

Simplyalex11 wants to know how long have you been doing makeup? I've been learning the ins and outs of makeup for about 4 or 5 years now. Before that, I only wore what I knew and the not that much of it.

Niwah.poddar asks who is my bestie? I’m actually super lucky and have a bunch of best friends! I have my best childhood friend, Jen who I’ve known since I was 8. Babytooth who is my little sissy (actually my cousin), but basically sister. Mikhaila who I became with friends 4 years ago, but it feels like we've known each other our whole lives. And my dad, who is the biggest pain in my butt, but truly one of my very best friends.

and our last question comes from a familiar name..._mikhaila_ asks you and your bff are planning a girls weekend getaway-where do you go and what do you do? Hmmm...I would say the Hamptons, but my best friend "doesn't know how to get there cause you can't drive to the Hamptons." But wherever we were to go-RI, CT, Canada, we'd take funny pics, endless boomerangs, yoga pics, and blog pics. Drink lots of wine and laugh until we cry. And then after that we'd walk holding hands and talk about how in love we are...cause that's what we do ;)