Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Coffee Talk

Coffee talk is a blog post I’ve been seeing pop up more and more on my fave sites, so I figured I’d take their lead and join in on the fun! I can’t promise I’ll do this weekly, cause let’s get real, some weeks I have nothing to really catch ya up on (I tend to either lead a jam-packed life or a very boring one). But if we were on a coffee date, I’d be drinking my new fave-2 shots of espresso over ice and half a caramel Premier Protein shake (for my fellow WW girls, that’s 1 spt!)

Oh speaking of smartpoints and WW, I’m fully back on track, so send me your recipes and inspo! I feel like I’m really locked in this go cause everyone I’m around either is on the plan or on a meal plan. It’s nice to know you have support everywhere you look! Also, putting it out there on my blog makes it so you all will hold me accountable too…!

I’m still extreme fangirling over Shawn Mendes. Like my Spotify playlist of his setlist is ALWAYS on. I can’t wait to see him in August. Concerts are one of my favorite things ever and getting to see someone you love live, is one of the best feelings. I love being around people that you have something in common with and singing along is the best!

Also on our coffee date I’d tell you that content isn’t coming as easy as it used to. I feel like every blogger I know feels the same way. It’s hard out there especially with the whole IG BS that’s going on. I could write post after post on it, but I’ll say this: I know I shouldn’t care about my amount of followers or likes that a post gets, but it’s really hard to continue on a platform that feels like you’re moving in slow motion. I look at my content and think “wow, I’ve put together a good feed.”  Or “this picture is great” and then end up with 35 likes when I have over 1,300 followers, it’s hard to think what you’re doing is good. Instagram needs to stop messing with the algorithm and the shadownbanning on hashtags. Don’t present yourself as an app that runs on hashtags and then ban people from being seen under them. 

Enough about that depressing topic, let’s move on to something fun, shall we? As some of you may know babytooth got engaged to the love of her life in February. We’ve recently started dress shopping and it’s so fun to see your best friend look like a princess. I’m excited to have the honor of being her maid of honor and can’t wait for more exciting things. Which leads me to a series I’ll be running next year on being a MOH and all of the events leading up to the wedding.

To round out our coffee date, I’d fill you in on what happened to Zoey last week. Last Sunday, I came home from dress shopping with the bride to be and Zoe’s right eye wasn’t opened all the way. I thought she was just sleepy (I came home in the middle of what was probably her 9thnap of the day-she really was made to be my dog!) and just disregarded it. Well a few hours later, she was really rubbing it and I noticed she was struggling to keep it open. I immediately panicked, but decided it was best to call the vet first thing Monday morning. We headed to the vet and they noticed a small growth on her waterline (which I had also spotted) and decided to dye her eye. After they put in the dye and turned off the light, it lit right up under the black light and I started to cry. Seeing a fairly big spot light up green on your small dog’s eye is super scary. The vet said it was an ulcer and sent us home with antibiotic cream and some painkillers. Putting cream directly on your dog’s cornea isn’t fun guys, she was hating me and my dad for a little while after each application. But Tuesday morning, she was able to open the eye back up and it didn’t seem to be bothering her anymore. We went back to the vet Wednesday to get her eye dyed again and this time, there was no lighting up green! The ulcer is completely gone and the growth (which now the vet believes was a stye) is a lot smaller. She’s also back to feeling 100% herself as just yesterday morning she stole one of her treats from my purse!

Fill me in on what’s going on with you in the comment section below and let me know what you’d share with me on our coffee date…until next time, xo!