Wednesday, May 31, 2017

bachelorette recap | week 2

 Okay, I asked on IG on Monday night if you guys wanted me to do a recap each week and here we are! (IG: @polishedandbubbly) Let's dive in! *ps-going forward, I'll try to have this up on Tuesdays!

1st group date: Whaaaboom (what even is a whaboom anyway??!) is clearly just there to be on the show and the producers had to force her to keep them. Tickle monster would be 30 times cuter if his job wasn't tickle monster. Ashton and Mila?! How freaking cool! The husband material challenge was super cute and funny. I think you can learn a lot about a guy from all of those things and Rachel clearly wants kids, so not being able to keep the doll in your pouch (Lucas/ Whaboom, I'm talking to you here...) isn't a good sign. I can't believe he won the challenge! I don't think Rachel needs someone to go out of their way to tell her he's not there for the right reasons. This early on you need to be putting her first and the BS second or you'll be out the door quickly. And your past beef is your past beef...also a female roommate is a red flag for me too. Blake & Lucas/Whaboom are my two losers from the date. Dean is a front runner for me, even after the first week interaction.

1 on 1 date: with Peter. OMG A DOGGGG. I am obsessed. Copper is too cute and I'm so sad about his leg. Rachel's outfit is so cute. Peter and Rachel have an ease about them and the date feels like a regular Saturday for them. Side note: Zoey totally wants to go to Barkfest. I love all the simialirities these two have. Keep your eye on Peter.

2nd group date: I love the sports themed dates. This one was so cool and with a basketball great! I think Rachel really likes DeMario even tho he dunked on her. But then all hell breaks loose, when his ex shows up. His reaction is like "shittttt...wait I'll play if off like I don't know her." Real smooth...not. The whole story seems very shady to me. Also, I don't trust a girl with a scrunchie on her wrist, but I don't trust him either. Rachel is such a strong woman and lawyer, like DeMario you dug a grave and homegirl wasn't having it. The singing from Alex was cringe-worthy, but props to him for knowing it was bad. Standouts: Eric who she said "just a hug?" too...cause I think she's feeling him. Josiah gets the rose, I think he'll be around for a while.

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony: Okay Rachel, stop kissing my boyfriend Bryan. OMG he is giving her a massage. STFU. Rachel send him home to me please...ugh. Chris is like the big brother we all need, he looks out for Rachel and does the dirty work. And of course this is where it ends. Do we all remember the special time when the rose ceremonies actually happened at the end of the episode? Same.

Next week looks mega dramatic and I can't wait. Let me know who your front runners are in the comments, xo!