Monday, April 17, 2017

Newsletter | April

I wrote and set up a newsletter with MailChimp, but after spending close to 3 hours and not being any closer to figuring it out...I decided to post it here! If you want to sign up for my newsletter which hopefully will go out as an actual emailed newsletter next month, let me know in the comments! it is, xo!

Hey dolls!

I feel like I’m slipping into your DMs, but really it’s me slippin’ into your inbox! I’ve been wanting to dip my foot into the newsletter pool for a while, but kept reading articles about how newsletters are on their way out. Which maybe they are, but hey, why not give it a try, right?

My newsletter will be monthly and will include my fave products of the moment, random ass stories and thoughts, and anything else I decide to write about. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Faves RN
  • ·         I’m totally feeling nude nails still-this week I’m rocking Zoya in Portia which is a nude-ish soft mauve and is too die.
  • ·         Dunkin Donut’s Coconut Cream Pie iced coffee with a splash of skim. UGH, this is the If you like coconut do yourself a favor and pick this up!
  • ·         I’ve been binging SO MUCH Beauty Break on Clevver Style ( Lily and Jocelyn (and the occasionally episode with Meghan) make me laugh so hard. I feel like I would love to guest star on it one day…hint hint to the 9 of you that will read this, tweet @lily_marston and let her know I’d be great on BB.
  • ·         I don’t have a current fave book…well that’s a lie. I do, but it won’t be out until September ;) I’m currently reading Solitaire by Alice Oseman and so far so good…I’m only on page 10, so don’t take my word for it just yet.
  • ·         The Amazing Race is back and I’m loving this season. The idea of being partnered up with a complete stranger to race around the world is pretty crazy tho. I feel like I would have to be pretty straight forward with the person and explain that you don’t get between me and money. ESPECIALLY a million dollars.
·         Oh crap, I forgot, my most favorite thing of all of the favorites…p&b is now a .com. Yup, that’s right. You can find me, any, and all things polished & bubbly at :)

Random Ramblings
April means lots of things…like what you ask? It’s my childhood bestie’s bday (Happy 33rd, Jenpup413!), Easter, a special brunch, a baby shower for Jenpup’s little girl (yay, finally a girl), and most importantly, it’s the playoffs. If you know me personally or follow me on any of my social meads, then you know that the New York Rangers are one of my most favorite things ever. If you asked me when my obsession (borderline unhealthy obsession) with NYR began, I’d take you back to the 90s. I remember being a little girl and watching hockey games on my small tv in my room when the puck had a laser in it so you could see it at all times. I remember begging (not hard at all) for my Grandpa to play Blades of Steel with me on the Nintendo for hours on end. I would ALWAYS be the Red & Blue team from New York (they didn’t have specific team names, but duh that was the Rangers!) I could name my favorite players and tell you what position they played. I was a girl obsessed. Cut to 2017, and I still feel like that little girl sometimes. There is nothing I love more than sitting down in a Rangers tee with my dad on the couch watching the Blueshirts take the ice. This time of year, I’m completely superstitious so I will wear my complete outfit if they win or move on to something else if they don’t, I’ll sit in the same spot each game-well I start out sitting and then I end up standing (especially in the later rounds), and I will barely answer my texts during the game. I just love the idea of being a part of something bigger than me and that’s what being a sports fan is! #LGR

So there we have it kids, my first newsletter! Let me know what you thought by tweeting me, commenting on IG, Facebook, or drop me an email. Also if you have any questions for me the girl behind polished & bubbly, don’t be shy ;)

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