Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Storytime | I was Skin Shamed...!

I went back and forth on telling you guys this story, but you know what it needs to get out there. So here I am to tell you about a couple of weeks ago when I stopped by the Lancome counter in my local Macy's. I'm not sure if you've seen the video that's been making it's way around the internet of their new individualized foundations.  You can read all about it here on Buzzfeed. It caught my eye and at the time I wasn't aware that it was at Nordstroms only. But when I was headed through Macy's to hit up the MAC counter, I saw an ad at the Lancome counter that said "Find your perfect shade, 185 shades". And I said, sign me up!

I asked baby bestie who was my shopping buddy that day if she minded making a pit stop so I could get shade matched and she was in, so we stopped. There wasn't a salesperson waiting (like they normally are) so we just kinda looked at the things in case, including that rose highlighter. We chatted with the Orgins saleswoman and then finally the Lancome lady popped up. She stopped to help another lady who seemed to be looking at her phone and declined her assistance. So I said that I would like to be shade matched and she made her way over.

As she approached us, she didn't look like she wanted to be bothered to shade match me, but I thought maybe I was reading her wrong. Here's how the shade matching process went...

Saleslady: "Hi, so do you prefer your foundation to be darker than your skin tone? Cause your face is a lot darker than your neck"
Me *pretty dumbfounded: "Oh, umm, well no. Not typically. Actually I'm trying a new foundation and I'm not sure how it's wearing on my skin or if it's oxidized."
Her: "Oooookay. We have 3 different types of foundations. This one is a matte finish, full coverage. This one is more in the middle with a more dewy finish. And this one is our most dewy and raidant foundation."
Me: "Let's go with that one, I prefer a dewy finish. I have very dry skin."
Her *kinda annoyed I picked that one: "Oh, well, okay, this one is the most light coverage"
Then she takes the foundation and swipes a little on my neck
Her: "Oh this is WAY too dark."
Me: "Oh, yeah I'm pretty pale. Maybe we can try the middle one?"
Her: "I guess"
Swipes the middle shade on my neck
Her: "That's even worse."
Finally takes a mirror to show me
Me: "Wow, why are the undertones of these so warm? They're so dark for being the palest shade."
Her: "Yeah, I don't think we have anything that will work for you. The matte has the light shade we have, but you don't like mattes, so..."
Me *slightly annoyed: "Can we try it?"
Her: "I guess, it will still probably be way too dark."
Swipes it on my neck and hands me the mirror while saying "It's better, but still not great."
Me: "I'll take a sample of this one please"
Her: "Okay, I'll get that for you. Meet me at the other side"

Me to baby bestie: "Wow, why was she being so rude?"
Baby bestie: "Oh thank goodness you thought she wasn't nice cause you were being so nice to her and she is so mean!"

So now I'm standing there with swatches of "way too dark" foundation on my neck and don't see anything to get it off. The saleslady comes back around.

Me: "Oh, I'm sorry, can I get a makeup wipe to get this off?"
Her *really annoyed and almost had an eye roll: "We don't have makeup wipes, but I can give you a tissue with makeup remover."
Me: "That'd be great, thanks."

We make our way to the register and she hands me my sample and says "Well we don't have the new names for the shades so I can't give you that, but here you go. I guess if you were going to come back and actually buy something, I can give you my card." 

I thanked her for her help and walked away feeling like absolute crap about myself. I'm pretty confident, but after growing up being the palest person in my grade and being called very clever names like "Casper" or "Ghostly" my skin tone is something I really still struggle with. I used to go tanning every day just to try to make myself look more acceptable. I always try to embrace who I am and the things I can't change about myself, but this whole experience made me feel awful. My intent with stopping at their counter was to find my perfect shade out of 185, but clearly that wasn't the case. I felt like I wasn't good enough to be at the Lancome counter and not just cause they didn't have my shade, but because this woman wasn't making me feel welcomed. When you work at the makeup counter, you are the face of the company and it's safe to say, I'll never buy Lancome again.

Have you had a bad makeup buying experience? Let me know in the comments, xo!