Friday, December 30, 2016

Series | Feature Friday!

Yay, back again with another Feature Friday and today we have the beautiful, sweet, and talented Simona! She's is one of my internet besties and you need to check out her blog asap, xo!

Age: 27, horoscope sign: Leo, relationship status: Single. 

My name is Simona Elena, I’m a Swiss primary school teacher and I blog about books, lifestyle and traveling. I love music, enjoy fashion and I’m obsessed with Harry Potter.


p&b- what made you start a blog? 
My love for reading!

p&b-who or what inspires you? 
My mum, my students, spening days outdoors, books, friends and traveling

p&b-favorite author? 
Paige Toon and Aven Ellis

p&b-favorite book or series of all time? 
Dallas Demon series by Aven Ellis (Harry Potter would be the obvious answer here)

p&b-you travel a lot, favorite place you've been? place you'd like to go? place you will never go again?
 I can’t answer the first question without cheating, so I’m going to say Florida, London and Vancouver, because they all feel like a home away from home. I’d like to visit California and to a road trip to Vegas and along the coast. I don’t think I will ever go back to Budapest, the city is nice, but not really my thing. 

p&b-people may not know that you perform in plays, have you always been into the theater? 
Ever since I remember yes. My mum has done theatre and I sort of got into it because of her. I love being on stage and the combination of singing, acting and dancing is perfect for me. 

p&b-what plays have you been in? 
Some at primary school (don’t remember the names), Linie 1 (A German one, translates to Line 1), Oliver!, The Sound of Music, Chess.

p&b-fave thing about being on stage? 
Getting to sing some amazing songs!

p&b-you're hanging out with your girlfriends, are you staying in or going out-what's your girls' night look like? 
It actually depends. I like staying in and cooking together, but going out for drinks is also fun!

p&b-must have product? 
Garnier Miscellar Water, it’s the best

p&b-best advice you've ever received? 
Stay true to yourself and fight for your dreams!

p&b-if you could switch lives with any celebrity, who would it be? 
Hmm, that is a really good question. Tyler Seguin would be fun (hockey life, traveling in summer etc.), otherwise probably a famous musician. I’d love to see and actually experience their life for a while.