Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Product Review | Tyra Beauty

Christy at Tyra Beauty (who has the cutest IG feed, follow her @mrsmakeupxo) messaged me and we got to talking about the new beauty line, but the one and only Tyra Banks and I was so surprised to see how many products they have. I instantly knew that the 2 I'd love to get my hands on were the Lips Like Woah lip plumper and the Light In A Stick highlighter

Now it's no secret that I want fuller lips, I'm literally the overline queen-I even overline my lip balm before bed. So the second I saw they had a lip plumper, I said sign me up! The Lips Like Woah is supposed to work over time and I can definitely say that I have seen a difference in the size of my lips over the last few weeks or so. I like to apply it after I brush my teeth in the morning and then apply my lippie once it's basically dried. Some days that's after I've applied all of my makeup and other days it's after my ride to work. 

Here's my before, 5 minutes after applying, and 30 minutes after application

This is with no over line of the Anastasia Beverly Hills gloss in Socialite 

I decided I wanted to stick with a rating system, so I used emojis (a la Rach from Rachhloves) 1 lip; not so great 5 lips; a must have!

You have to check out this lip plumper. It's hands down the best I've tried. It doesn't sting too badly and has a cinnamon smell that I'm obsessed with!

As for the Light In A Stick highlighter, I was excited to see how glowy this would leave me. I love the Milk highlighter stick, so I was pretty excited to throw another into my collection. After trying it on it's own or layered with a powder highlight...I have to say I'm slightly disappointed when I wear it alone. It doesn't really leave me with a highlight or any more dewy. But layering it with a powder highlight and it definitely helps it pop!  

 Both of these pics are the highlighter stick on it's own. You can see it shines on my nose, but not so much on the tops of my cheeks. I think that's because I blended it more on the cheeks then on the bridge of my nose.

Using the same rating system, 1 shooting star; not so great 5 shooting stars; a must have! 


I wouldn't say this is the best highlighting stick I've ever used, the Milk one blends out a little easier and still shows up. But if you like a more subtle highlight, then check this one out! 

*I was sent these products to try and give my honest opinion.