Thursday, December 29, 2016

NYE | Night Out or Night In

It's tradition around here that I post two outfit ideas for NYE. A glam night on the town look and a stay in & be cozy look. Here's this year's which I think may be my best on yet. 

For night out look; I am OBSESSED with the sequin trouser look. I paired these with a cream silk cami. Of course I went with the throwback accessory of the year-a choker. Throw in a little link bag and some earrings and ring and you're good to go. Oh wait, I left out the standout piece of this look, feather strappy heels. Cause if you can't wear feathers and sequins together on NYE, then when, right?!

For the stay in look; I went with pretty much what I will be wearing this NYE. My Rangers play so I'll be rocking an NYR long sleeve tee paired with leggings. I'm all about the slipper life and you can never go wrong with a unicorn! Of course to end the night the right way, I'd pop some bubbly, eat a little popcorn, and wear a cheesy, yet adorable 2017 headband!

What are you rocking this NYE? Are you going out or staying in? Let me know in the comments and be sure to come back tomorrow for the last Feature Friday on 2016-but don't worry there will be more in 2017 :) xo!