Friday, December 16, 2016

Feature Friday | Guest Post

Today one of my most favorite people ever is taking over. She's a best selling author and if you love romcoms, please check her out, you will not be disappointed. Internet Momma, take it over, xo!

Writing the Holidays

I have to say, as an author, it’s always fun for me to incorporate a holiday into one of my books.
To me, it can become almost like a secondary character, adding layers of color, sound, scents, and emotion to a scene. I have written about Thanksgiving, incorporating families and food into the scene. Pass the gravy and serve up family tension, ha! Halloween has a place in my upcoming novel, Sugar and Ice, and I had a lot of fun coming up with interesting costumes for a party scene. Matt and Holly begin their love story in On Thin Ice on New Year’s Eve, layered with holiday traditions and gorgeous dresses and the optimism that ringing in the New Year can bring.
Valentine’s Day has appeared in two of my novels: Connectivity and The Aubrey Rules. In Connectivity, William and Mary-Kate open up to each other for the first time on the holiday that celebrates love, while Beckett shows his love for Aubrey by planning a very special holiday for her.
With Christmas scenes, I love incorporating the scent and colors of the season. From describing snow to the scent of fresh pine, holiday shopping and tree decorating, I love incorporating these elements into a story. I really think it makes the scene come alive.
So what’s your favorite holiday season to read about in books? I have to say, I like them all because they always take me somewhere different. And that’s the fun part, isn’t it?

About Aven

Coffee with cream? Check. Soundtrack for work in progress pulled up on Spotify? Done. Ready to write another romantic comedy with a swoonworthy good guy hero, a heroine you cheer for, and a guaranteed happily ever after? You bet.

Hello, I'm Aven Ellis.  In addition to writing, I'm passionate about reality cooking shows, Project Runway, the latest scent from Jo Malone (whatever it is, doesn't matter, I want it) and hockey. Or is that hockey players? Because they're hot.

But I digress.
*Clears throat for reset after thinking of hockey players* But I truly find joy in writing romantic comedy. I love crafting characters, their words, their heartbreak and triumph, with laughs along the way. There is no bigger compliment to me than having someone tell me they laughed when reading one of my books. I want my books to be easy reading, a beach read, an escape when you need one. Writing them is my escape, so I hope reading them provides you with one, too. 

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