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Series | Feature Friday!

Yay, back again with another Feature Friday and today we have the beautiful, sweet, and talented Simona! She's is one of my internet besties and you need to check out her blog asap, xo!

Age: 27, horoscope sign: Leo, relationship status: Single. 

My name is Simona Elena, I’m a Swiss primary school teacher and I blog about books, lifestyle and traveling. I love music, enjoy fashion and I’m obsessed with Harry Potter.


p&b- what made you start a blog? 
My love for reading!

p&b-who or what inspires you? 
My mum, my students, spening days outdoors, books, friends and traveling

p&b-favorite author? 
Paige Toon and Aven Ellis

p&b-favorite book or series of all time? 
Dallas Demon series by Aven Ellis (Harry Potter would be the obvious answer here)

p&b-you travel a lot, favorite place you've been? place you'd like to go? place you will never go again?
 I can’t answer the first question without cheating, so I’m going to say Florida, London and Vancouver, because they all feel like a home away from home. I’d like to visit California and to a road trip to Vegas and along the coast. I don’t think I will ever go back to Budapest, the city is nice, but not really my thing. 

p&b-people may not know that you perform in plays, have you always been into the theater? 
Ever since I remember yes. My mum has done theatre and I sort of got into it because of her. I love being on stage and the combination of singing, acting and dancing is perfect for me. 

p&b-what plays have you been in? 
Some at primary school (don’t remember the names), Linie 1 (A German one, translates to Line 1), Oliver!, The Sound of Music, Chess.

p&b-fave thing about being on stage? 
Getting to sing some amazing songs!

p&b-you're hanging out with your girlfriends, are you staying in or going out-what's your girls' night look like? 
It actually depends. I like staying in and cooking together, but going out for drinks is also fun!

p&b-must have product? 
Garnier Miscellar Water, it’s the best

p&b-best advice you've ever received? 
Stay true to yourself and fight for your dreams!

p&b-if you could switch lives with any celebrity, who would it be? 
Hmm, that is a really good question. Tyler Seguin would be fun (hockey life, traveling in summer etc.), otherwise probably a famous musician. I’d love to see and actually experience their life for a while.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

NYE | Night Out or Night In

It's tradition around here that I post two outfit ideas for NYE. A glam night on the town look and a stay in & be cozy look. Here's this year's which I think may be my best on yet. 

For night out look; I am OBSESSED with the sequin trouser look. I paired these with a cream silk cami. Of course I went with the throwback accessory of the year-a choker. Throw in a little link bag and some earrings and ring and you're good to go. Oh wait, I left out the standout piece of this look, feather strappy heels. Cause if you can't wear feathers and sequins together on NYE, then when, right?!

For the stay in look; I went with pretty much what I will be wearing this NYE. My Rangers play so I'll be rocking an NYR long sleeve tee paired with leggings. I'm all about the slipper life and you can never go wrong with a unicorn! Of course to end the night the right way, I'd pop some bubbly, eat a little popcorn, and wear a cheesy, yet adorable 2017 headband!

What are you rocking this NYE? Are you going out or staying in? Let me know in the comments and be sure to come back tomorrow for the last Feature Friday on 2016-but don't worry there will be more in 2017 :) xo!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Happy Release Day & Chapter Reveal!


 Brief Summary
Sugar and Ice is the first full-length novel in the Rinkside in the Rockies Series by Aven Ellis!
Josephine Rossi has recovered from a broken heart, but has vowed that she's all about the desserts now as a recipe tester for Bake It! Magazine. Cheesecake never breaks your heart. Unless it cracks on the top, but still, it tastes amazing if you bake it just right. She knows what to do in the kitchen as far as making luscious desserts. Men? Apparently she's not so good at figuring them out, so she refuses to bother. Josephine knows it is safer to stay in the kitchen than to take another chance with her heart.
Denver Mountain Lions forward Cade Callahan is passionate about hockey, but is also about finding love. He thought he had it once, but a disastrous romance last holiday season has him keeping his heart in check. While he’s fearless on the ice, he’s guarded with his heart. Cade is determined history won’t repeat itself again. He won’t let his guard down until he’s certain he’s met The One.
However, Cupid's arrow might just strike when these two least expect it. When an oven goes out, and a cheesecake for testing has to be baked, and Cade just happens to live in the same building with a working oven...Well, things other than cheesecake might just heat up in the kitchen. Can these two passionate people learn to trust their hearts again? Can love override fear for Josephine and Cade? And will they find the combination of sugar and ice is the sweetest one of all?

Chapter One
Today’s Purpose and Passion Statement:
I, Josephine Camilla Rossi, will make the creamiest, most luxurious, cannoli cheesecake whipped up using only the finest ingredients. My work will be driven by my passion and love for baking, as well as by my nonna’s guiding hand. My purpose is to wow my hard-to-impress boss. If all goes as planned, this cheesecake will be the key to new opportunities in the future.
I stare at today’s statement, which I have printed out and pinned to my vision board in the kitchen.
My cheesecake will be lighter and fluffier than Nonna’s original recipe, thanks to my homemade ricotta. My batter will have a hint of amaretto and Madagascar bourbon vanilla. Each bite will have the taste of Guittard semisweet chocolate and the brightness of orange peel. When your fork hits the bottom, you’ll reach a pistachio crust that will bring the classic cannoli flavors together. The top will be covered with a luscious layer of piped whipped cream and adorned with three perfect mini cannoli pastries, artfully arranged in the center and sprinkled with candied orange peel.
It will be show-stopping perfection, in appearance and taste.
I’m determined that this cheesecake, the first cake I ever ate in my grandmother’s kitchen, the cake that changed my life and fueled my passion for baking when I was five years old, will finally get the attention of Ms. Angelique Whitmire-Hox, my editor at Bake It! magazine. I work in recipe testing for the magazine, but I have my eye on a development project. And I’m hoping this cheesecake will prove I’m ready for that task.
Of course, I need to get to work right away if I’m going to have a cheesecake to present to her first thing on Monday morning, which happens to be, oh, tomorrow.
I take one last look at my vision board, studying the items I’ve carefully pinned to it. There’s a photo of my Nonna, who introduced me to baking when I was a child with a version of the cheesecake I’m baking tonight. There’s another photo, this one of Julia Child, whose books I devoured as a teenager, trying to cram all of her culinary wisdom into my brain. And there are magazine clippings of recipe ideas and cards with positive messages and inspirational quotes. Since my career is everything to me now, I will achieve my dreams by visualizing my success.
Okay. Time to get going. I head down the hall and enter my room. I have the apartment to myself today, as my roommate and best friend, Sierra Crawford, is away with her boyfriend Jude this weekend.
I slide open my closet door and grab my favorite thing to bake in: my white and navy striped T-shirt dress. I remove my jeans and tank top and tug the comfortable cotton dress over my body and then step into my navy, slip-on Converse sneakers.
I move to the back of my bedroom door, where my vintage 40’s apron is hanging, and lift it off the hook. The worn checkered fabric has yellow pears and grape clusters with ruffle detailing. I love it. This apron was given to my nonna by the Rossi family and eventually passed down to me. It’s been in the family since World War II.
I slip the fabric over my head and take a moment to let its history wash over me. All the meals lovingly prepared while wearing this apron. The good times and bad. The long forgotten fights and nights full of heart-warming laughter. The perfect pies, the second- servings, and the inevitable burnt batches. Every moment lived when a Rossi woman donned this apron, I can feel in my soul.
I never bake at home without it.
I move over to my dresser. My long hair needs to be pulled up for baking, so I work the dark brown strands into my signature braids and pile them up on top of my head. Once I have my
hair up, I reach for a purple headscarf that coordinates with the grapes on my apron and twist it into a cute headband, which I secure around the front of my hair.
I consider my reflection in the mirror. I love how unique my eyes are, such a dark brown they appear almost black. They stand out against the olive tone of my skin. I hated them as a little girl, along with my above average height, but I have come to appreciate both traits.
My eyes move down the image of me appearing in the mirror, and I frown. My passion for baking combined with being dumped by the love of my life nine months ago has led to a net gain of ten pounds. The weight has settled around my hips and can no longer be denied.
But fall is here. It’s a new season. And I will no longer shovel cheesecake in my mouth to try to forget Marco. I’ve learned you cannot eat away your feelings. Trust me, I’ve tried.
In fact, I’m over men. I’m so clueless at picking them that I can’t be trusted. Why else would I have chosen a cheater who couldn’t stay faithful the second I moved to Denver?
Ugh. Marco.
Dumb Marco.
Or is it dumb Josephine?
Marco IS dumb.
And a liar.
So what if I’m ten pounds heavier? The extra weight can serve as man repellent for all I care. My favorite J Brand jeans no longer fit and that might need to be addressed, but it can wait until tomorrow.
I clear my throat and head back toward the kitchen. Giving up men has had a silver lining. I’ve refocused myself. Instead of thinking about stupid liars and cheats, I’ve shifted my attention to my baking career.
I enter the tiny galley kitchen and begin preparing. I pick up my phone and swipe to my playlist, letting Hailee Steinfeld’s “Starving” fill the air around me. Ha! Music to make a cheesecake by if I ever heard it, I think. Except I’m not starving for a man’s attention.
A slice of cannoli cheesecake, on the other hand? Yes, please.
I set the oven to the appropriate temperature and retrieve the necessary ingredients. I take the crust I prepared this morning out of the fridge and place the pans on the counter. I made enough for two cheesecakes so I can pick the perfect one for Miss “I’m Not Impressed, Josephine.” Because of her, I’ve learned to always have a backup.
Quickly, I fall into in the zone.
I make the filling, tasting as I go. I blend. I grate. I fold. I take a moment to savor the scents in the air, from the fresh orange rind to the magnificent bourbon vanilla.
Being a professional baker has given me an acute sense of smell, elevating my ability to detect subtleties. I find I can no longer wear perfume or scented deodorant while I work because it interferes with my ability to smell and, therefore, properly blend. Being able to experience the full spectrum of these wonderful ingredients is pure bliss.
I dip a spoon into the bowl and sample the batter. Success. I nailed it!
If only Nonna was in Denver with me instead of back home in Chicago. I’ve taken her recipe to the next level, and I wish she could have a taste.
I pour the mixture into the pistachio crusts then begin preparing a water bath so the cheesecakes don’t crack while baking. I fill a bright red, retro tea kettle, another Nonna hand-me-down, with water and place it on the range, and turn the burner on. I place each cheesecake in a pan and fill each pan up the side with hot water.
Now it’s time to get these gorgeous babies into the oven.
I open the oven door, expecting to feel the usual rush of escaping heat, but the inside is ice cold.
“What?” I ask aloud to the empty kitchen in disbelief.
I’m sure I turned it on before I got started.
I check the settings. Yes. It’s on, set to 350F.
Realization sets in.
The oven is dead.
“No,” I exclaim, shaking my head. “No, no, no!”
I slam the door shut and consider my options. My apartment complex is terrible at keeping up with maintenance. Knowing them, they won’t send someone to fix it until Wednesday. And they definitely won’t consider this an emergency.
Oh, but it is. It’s is a total emergency.
This is a complicated cheesecake to make, and I used expensive ingredients. I can’t let this go unbaked. Not now. Not when I’m desperate to show Miss “I’m Not Impressed, Josephine” my work.
I must figure this out.
I begin pacing as I think. Too bad the guy next door is a complete jerk who blares death metal all day. I’ve already complained about his music, so he would never let me use his oven. There’s a married couple across the hall, but I don’t know them well enough to say, “Hey! If you let me use your oven, I’ll give you a cheesecake. You like cannoli, right? Mind if I come in and hang out for an hour?”
Gah. Gah. Gah.
Then I remember something.
He plays professional hockey for the Denver Mountain Lions and just returned from the UK for another season. He is away at the Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs with Sierra for a few days before training camp, but his roommate and teammate, Cade Callahan, has also just returned. And as luck has it, they live on the sixth floor.
I’ve been to their apartment before and met Cade twice, but both times he was watching TV with a baseball hat pulled down low. So while I’m not a complete stranger to him, I wouldn’t say we are friends.
Cade would probably let me borrow his oven.
Wow. I can be so resourceful when I’m faced with tossing a cheesecake.
I grab my keys and fly out the door, quickly locking it behind me before running to the elevator. I punch the button for their floor and say a prayer to Julia Child—because she would totally understand my predicament—that Cade Callahan is home.
And not using his oven.
The doors chime and open to Jude and Cade’s floor. I sprint down the long hall to their unit and punch the doorbell.
Jude’s dog begins barking loudly, but I hear no sign of Cade inside.
All right, I can’t expect Cade to answer in 2.5 seconds.
I try to be patient, but instead, I ring the bell a few more times like an annoying kid.
Ding ding ding!
Bark bark bark!
“Cade?” I yell over the sound of Jude’s dog, Leia. “It’s Sierra’s roommate, Josephine! I have an emergency and I need your help!”
“Coming,” Cade yells back. “Just a second.”
“Thank God,” I whisper. I can feel the use of his oven is within my grasp. I’ll bake my beautiful cheesecakes and all will go according to today’s Purpose and Passion plan.
Leia continues barking as I hear new noise on the other side of the door. Finally, the door is unlocked, and Cade pulls it open.
My mouth hits the floor.
Because Cade is standing in front of me in nothing but a white bath towel, one tied dangerously low beneath the hot V-shape that tapers down from his waist. Water beads drip down his tanned, muscular skin and—oh, my God, what is that sexy Asian lettering tattooed up the side of his ribcage?
I tear my gaze away from his body and to his eyes.
They are a gorgeous jade color I’ve never seen before.
“Huh?” I say absently as I move from his eyes to the super hot stubble shading his jawline.
Cade takes a moment to brush back his wet hair with one hand.
Is it hot in the hallway? I’m suddenly really freaking hot. I tug at the neckline of my apron for a bit of relief.
“I think you said you had an emergency,” he says slowly, moving his hand to the knot of his towel and holding it in place, “So, how can I help you, Josephine?”

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Gift Guide | Last Minute

These ideas are for everyone on your list! I say every year that I'll get everything purchased and wrapped before the week of Christmas and yet I was ordering on Amazon Prime on Saturday. If you're like me, then I hope this list can help you in some way! 

For Him

For Her

Water Bottle- So many colors

Hostess Gifts

Bottle of red-my pick for a hostess gift is 3 Girls Pinot Noir or Catena Malbec

For the kids

For the Pets


Friday, December 16, 2016

Feature Friday | Guest Post

Today one of my most favorite people ever is taking over. She's a best selling author and if you love romcoms, please check her out, you will not be disappointed. Internet Momma, take it over, xo!

Writing the Holidays

I have to say, as an author, it’s always fun for me to incorporate a holiday into one of my books.
To me, it can become almost like a secondary character, adding layers of color, sound, scents, and emotion to a scene. I have written about Thanksgiving, incorporating families and food into the scene. Pass the gravy and serve up family tension, ha! Halloween has a place in my upcoming novel, Sugar and Ice, and I had a lot of fun coming up with interesting costumes for a party scene. Matt and Holly begin their love story in On Thin Ice on New Year’s Eve, layered with holiday traditions and gorgeous dresses and the optimism that ringing in the New Year can bring.
Valentine’s Day has appeared in two of my novels: Connectivity and The Aubrey Rules. In Connectivity, William and Mary-Kate open up to each other for the first time on the holiday that celebrates love, while Beckett shows his love for Aubrey by planning a very special holiday for her.
With Christmas scenes, I love incorporating the scent and colors of the season. From describing snow to the scent of fresh pine, holiday shopping and tree decorating, I love incorporating these elements into a story. I really think it makes the scene come alive.
So what’s your favorite holiday season to read about in books? I have to say, I like them all because they always take me somewhere different. And that’s the fun part, isn’t it?

About Aven

Coffee with cream? Check. Soundtrack for work in progress pulled up on Spotify? Done. Ready to write another romantic comedy with a swoonworthy good guy hero, a heroine you cheer for, and a guaranteed happily ever after? You bet.

Hello, I'm Aven Ellis.  In addition to writing, I'm passionate about reality cooking shows, Project Runway, the latest scent from Jo Malone (whatever it is, doesn't matter, I want it) and hockey. Or is that hockey players? Because they're hot.

But I digress.
*Clears throat for reset after thinking of hockey players* But I truly find joy in writing romantic comedy. I love crafting characters, their words, their heartbreak and triumph, with laughs along the way. There is no bigger compliment to me than having someone tell me they laughed when reading one of my books. I want my books to be easy reading, a beach read, an escape when you need one. Writing them is my escape, so I hope reading them provides you with one, too. 

Aven's socials

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4pm pick me up!

one of my favorite Christmas songs/albums. I swear it's life changing. Xo!

ps- Happy Birthday babytooth, I love you more than words can say!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Product Review | Tyra Beauty

Christy at Tyra Beauty (who has the cutest IG feed, follow her @mrsmakeupxo) messaged me and we got to talking about the new beauty line, but the one and only Tyra Banks and I was so surprised to see how many products they have. I instantly knew that the 2 I'd love to get my hands on were the Lips Like Woah lip plumper and the Light In A Stick highlighter

Now it's no secret that I want fuller lips, I'm literally the overline queen-I even overline my lip balm before bed. So the second I saw they had a lip plumper, I said sign me up! The Lips Like Woah is supposed to work over time and I can definitely say that I have seen a difference in the size of my lips over the last few weeks or so. I like to apply it after I brush my teeth in the morning and then apply my lippie once it's basically dried. Some days that's after I've applied all of my makeup and other days it's after my ride to work. 

Here's my before, 5 minutes after applying, and 30 minutes after application

This is with no over line of the Anastasia Beverly Hills gloss in Socialite 

I decided I wanted to stick with a rating system, so I used emojis (a la Rach from Rachhloves) 1 lip; not so great 5 lips; a must have!

You have to check out this lip plumper. It's hands down the best I've tried. It doesn't sting too badly and has a cinnamon smell that I'm obsessed with!

As for the Light In A Stick highlighter, I was excited to see how glowy this would leave me. I love the Milk highlighter stick, so I was pretty excited to throw another into my collection. After trying it on it's own or layered with a powder highlight...I have to say I'm slightly disappointed when I wear it alone. It doesn't really leave me with a highlight or any more dewy. But layering it with a powder highlight and it definitely helps it pop!  

 Both of these pics are the highlighter stick on it's own. You can see it shines on my nose, but not so much on the tops of my cheeks. I think that's because I blended it more on the cheeks then on the bridge of my nose.

Using the same rating system, 1 shooting star; not so great 5 shooting stars; a must have! 


I wouldn't say this is the best highlighting stick I've ever used, the Milk one blends out a little easier and still shows up. But if you like a more subtle highlight, then check this one out! 

*I was sent these products to try and give my honest opinion.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Happy Release Day!

About the Book

"I’m doing the right thing, not feeding myself. It’s the only thing I can do, so I will do it. Gloria can somehow have the energy I don’t take in, and it will help her stay alive."

Twenty years ago, fourteen-year-old Valerie rushed off for lunch with her boyfriend instead of properly putting away a packet of balloons, and her little brother choked to death on his third birthday. In response, Valerie locked down every aspect of her life so she could never lose control like that again, and she’s still doing that today.

So when her sister Gloria is found comatose after an apparently random attack, Valerie is desperate to do something, anything, to save her only remaining sibling. But as a financial controller for a "nothing bigger than a size six" fashion designer, she has no medical background and no idea of how to help. But she has to find a way.

Since Gloria has always wanted to be a size zero, Valerie hits on food as the answer: by eating less, she will lose the weight Gloria now can’t and somehow save her sister that way. But when "eating less" turns into a frantic starvation diet to reach size zero before Gloria dies, will Valerie’s self control save her sister or destroy her own life?

Participating Blogs

About the Author

Heather is a natural 1200 wpm speed reader and the author of nineteen self-published novels. She came to writing after careers as a software developer and elementary school computer teacher and has no plans to leave it. In her spare time, she reads, walks, lifts weights, crochets, takes care of her aquarium and her cat Trinity, changes her hair colour, and plays drums and clarinet.


Monday, December 12, 2016

Look Book | Tree Farm Fun

With Christmas literally right around the corner, I thought I'd share with you a look that is good for any errands you need to run. This look includes the perfect winter accessory...a blanket scarf! It's the  perfect everyday, throw on & still look cute outfit and here's a bonus, no jacket! I don't know about you, but living in the Northeast going from the store to the car and back to another store gets hard when you are wearing a coat. I don't like to wear them into stores or the mall cause you get hot and then have to carry. And wearing a bulky coat in the car isn't always safe. So cue, this cute tree farm look!



Jeans | oldnavy
Sweatshirt | Marshall's
Booties | Bongo
Hat | Target
Blanket Scarf | Mikhaila's (aka borrowed from one of my besties)

Don't forget to get entered in my blogiversary giveway, it ends tonight! XO

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Series | Feature Friday!

No interview today, but that's because Krissy is taking over! Be sure to check out her socials and if you recreate her nail look below be sure to tag both of us on IG and use #polishedandbubblytakeover
Don't forget to get entered in the giveaway it ends Monday at midnight! Oh and tomorrow 12/10 I'm taking over The Best Beauties @thebestbeauties on snapchat! Go give them a follow so you can see my face all day :) xo!

DIY Glitter Christmas Tree Nail Art
Hey y'all! My I'm Krissy from Krissy's Makeup Nook!
Christmas is my favorite time of the year. I love the joy the season brings and I especially love decking everything out in Christmas decorations. From my house to my wardrobe, starting the day after Thanksgiving, I find a way surround myself with Christmas cheer.
As a mom-on-a-budget it can be tricky to find ways to spread that cheer without breaking the bank. This DIY nail art design is a very inexpensive way to show your Christmas spirit using items you either already own or can purchase at my favorite store, the Dollar Tree.
To begin this design, paint your nails with your favorite red polish. I've used this Sinful Colors polish from the Kylie Trend Matters collection in the shade Miss Klaws. This polish collection is honestly not a favorite of mine but I do love this particular shade. It's a true red and when I apply a top coat, the matte formula yields to allow a glossy finish.
Next, find green and gold loose glitter, (I used glitter from a Dollar Tree nail kit!) a clear top coat (also from the Dollar Tree), and an orange wood stick.
Use the top coat to adhere the loose glitter to your nails in the shape of a Christmas tree. You can be totally creative in this step. There are endless designs you can make using loose glitter pieces so let your creativity flow girl!
Then simply seal your design on your nail using the same top coat and voila! Your nails are Christmas ready and you have plenty of money left to buy that 10 ft. tall Santa decoration you've had your eye on. ;)
For step by step instructions on this nail design, check out this video on my Youtube channel!
Thank you bunches, Kayla, for inviting me to guest post on your blog! You are the absolute sweetest beauty friend and I'm so grateful to have met you girl!
Xo- K 💖
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Thursday, December 8, 2016

4pm pick me up!

sticking with the youtube theme, check out Rach's latest Pinterest hack video! Xo!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Holiday Fun!

Last week I gave you a list of my favorite holiday must watch movies. Well today I'm back with another thing I wait all year for...vlogmas! If you don't know what that is, it's youtuber's video series where they vlog everyday until Christmas. I don't actually know why I'm SO obsessed with these, but every year I have to watch. I only watch a few because honestly if you miss a day or two, you could spend all day catching up depending on how many you watch. It's like following around your fave internet peeps in their day to day lives. Super addicting. Here are the Vlogmas' I absolutely cannot miss!

Tee and Ess aka EleventhGorgeous 

Jenny Claire Fox she's bomb at nail art too, so bonus!

Mireya's List this is a new one to me, but she's a fellow ipsyOS member so I have to support my girl!

Do you have any random Holiday tradition you just can't miss? Let me know in the comments, xo! Oh and if you watch any Vlogmas, leave them too...cause I can watch them all year long...can't stop, won't stop, xx!

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Gift Guide | For Her

Today is my first gift guide for her and I literally want everything listed. I think that's key when making gift guides, pick out all the things that you want and call it a gift guide, cause another wish list would be too much....amiright?!

hats 1, 2, 3
headphones 1, 2

cute mugs 1, 2, 3

What's on your wish list? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to enter my giveaway cause what's better than winning makeup? Not much, xo!

Monday, December 5, 2016

a book in review!


Holly Johansson knows some things in her life are certain after college graduation:

1.) It’s a long road to become a full-time author.
2.) She’ll need to work to pay her bills.
3.) And Dallas Demons superstar Matt Rhinelander will never return her feelings.

Holly knows her unrequited crush on the partying hockey player is ridiculous. There’s no way Matt would be attracted to a woman who prefers nights in watching TV or reading books when he’s known for his frequent bar hops and fast lifestyle. Obviously he would never see her as anything other than his teammate’s little sister.

Yet Holly is drawn to the other side of Matt—the man she knows has always been thoughtful and easy to talk to whenever she’s been alone with him. It is this Matt that fueled the crush Holly has on him. And she knows it will always be just that—a secret crush.

Or will it?

Because when Matt helps Holly through a crisis, her heart begins to believe that there might be feelings on his part, too. After a night of hard partying puts Matt in jeopardy with the Dallas Demons, can Holly be the one to save him? And when Matt admits he sees her as more than Nate Johansson’s sister, will it put both of them on thin ice?


I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Where do I start? Honestly, I think that Aven was put on this earth for 2 reasons, 1; to be a mother figure in my life and 2; to write romcoms. Her scenes are written with such detail and you can feel each moment with the characters. Now with that being said, Matt & Holly are my ABSOLUTE fave leads to date! PER-FREAKING-FECTION. Their chemistry is everything. From the opening scene to the last line, I promise you won't be able to put this one down. I think that where Aven's books differ from other romcoms is her sense to make the character so real. Holly is the most real female lead I've read in a really long time. She is you, she's me! I swear I thought of her as a real friend while reading On Thin Ice. And Matt, well Matt is what will have you turning the pages quick. His attitude and charm is exactly what I'd like my next boyfriend to have. He is the definition of a book boyfriend. Please do yourself a favor and pick up On Thin Ice. It will be your little me time Holiday timeout that you didn't even know you needed, xo! 
*and if you purchase this book before 12/12 and email me: a screenshot of your order confirmation, you will be entered 5 times into my BIG blogiversay giveaway!


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I live in the Dallas area with my family. I enjoy clipping out recipes I will never get around to trying, working out, and chatting with friends on social media. I’m a hockey nut (Go Stars!) and watch as much as humanly possible. I also love shopping and fashion and admit to being obsessed with whatever the Duchess of Cambridge is wearing. In addition to be obsessed with the Duchess, I’m equally obsessed with any show or cookbook featuring Gordon Ramsay.


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Friday, December 2, 2016

Series | Feature Friday!

When I met the AMAZINGLY talented Pepper B, I knew she was special. I had the priviledge of meeting her in the Sephora in Boston at an Urban Decay event. She was so down to earth, beautiful, killer at makeup-her's was A1, and her personality was uplifting. She wanted to exchange IGs immediately once she found out I was a beauty blogger and even messaged me right after to say how good it was to meet me. Pepper signs each email with "Beauty isn't an action it's a mindset" and that's advice I'll take with me. Get to know her and be sure to check out her website: and IG: @downtownpepper

p&b-how did you get into makeup? 
When did you know this was the career path for you?

I developed a passion for beauty as a child watching my late mom get ready in the mornings seeing the transformation and how she made her self look good and feel good. In my late teens I started to freelance I saw how knowledgable and effortless I was and decided that this would be my life career. 

p&b-what’s your favorite thing about the beauty industry? What’s your least favorite thing?

My favorite part about the industry is interacting with different women all shapes, sizes and race and still having that common area. Changing people's mood and making them feel good. 

My least favorite part is how over saturated the industry is. 

p&b-if you could collab with any brand, what would it be?

 I would love to collaborate with the lip bar and or floss gloss those are lines that both hold a special part in my heart which are totally different genres. 

I love indie lines they are way more free in concept.  

p&b-favorite Urban Decay product?

The B6 setting spray along with the all nighter foundation are my two favorite right now! I have a different favorite product from urban decay every week!! 

p&b-favorite non-Urban product? 
Juvias Place Nubian Palette I love the original it's such a staple palette the mixture of textured shadows and browns are amazing.  

p&b-what’s one beauty product you think everyone needs in their makeup bag?

Ive been obsessed with sculpting my face lately, no hard contour no creams no sticks just a good soft sculpt with a warm blush powder or sculpting duo. So I think it's something that serves so much purpose in a makeup bag. You can use it for blush contour sculpting and your eyes etc 

p&b-if you weren’t an amazing makeup artist, what would you be doing?

I would be radio personality, I love public speaking and I've done online radio and I'm a natural! 

p&b-where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

Where I see myself in 5 years is where I will be in 3. I am a firm believer in speaking things into existence, however not just speaking actually planning the steps to make your dreams come to fruition.  

After undergoing rebranding earlier this year I see my business totally evolved I see myself out there educating women on beauty through classes events and way more interaction. I'll be in a city near you sharing my passion for beauty. 

p&b-any advice for anyone who wants to get into the beauty industry?

Do it because you truly love it, not because it looks fun or for a pay check and you will go so far.!!

p&b-go to coffee order? 
I don't drink coffee! But my drink of choice is the largest size of a iced chai with almond milk and extra ice. 

p&b-describe your ideal day
My ideal day consist of a sheet mask and sitting at the computer writing and interacting with my viewers on the website. 

p&b- name 5 things in your purse right now

Pepper. B lipstick power bank 
Action plan planner 
Vanity life kiss and tell head phones 
My camera 
And one lipstick 

Believe it or not I don't travel with much makeup anymore. 
p&b-3 products anyone starting out in makeup needs

I think starting out with products aren't important first a game plan is. Don't waste money on makeup when you haven't narrowed down what genre of make up you want to do. Start your plan first. My first kit I had was 200 bucks now I have 200 dollar items in my kit.  Merely because I started with a plan. I didn't focus on the amount of products I needed I focused on the amount of people I need to touch in order to display my talent.
p&b-what’s next for you and your brand?

The next step for Meet Pepper B is a ton of new additions to the e-commerce shop. There will be beauty accessories along with branded items everything in the shop is absolutely amazing. I'm jumping in my seat thinking about the idea of the amount of products that will be coming to the shop.  Also for holiday I will be giving away a master class that will consist of a two day one on one with me for two hours with make up pro make up school. Please refer to my Instagram in order to see details

Thursday, December 1, 2016

4pm pick me up!

O.M.G. Xo

ps- happy birthday to this QUEEN tomorrow. Always one of my biggest Woman crushes!

Blogiversary Bundle Giveaway!

Well December means so many things, but to me it means it's my blogiversary month! I have been writing for 4 years now and I couldn't be happier. Being a blogger has opened tons of doors, created numerous friendships, and has made me more confident. To celebrate, I am doing my biggest giveaway to date with not 1, but 2 winners! 

Two lucky winners will each receive: 
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