Monday, November 7, 2016

5 products I'm thankful for...

My friend Krissy, who you'll be seeing a takeover from on here every soon, tagged me on IG in her new tag for November. Since Thanksgiving is this month, she wanted to do a play on things I'm thankful for, but with beauty products. So without further's my top 5! 

This has become my signature shade and my obsession. It's the perfect pink on my skin tone and does not move while eating or drinking (or when you have the stomach bug, trust me I know this first hand.)

If you want to white teeth for the Holidays, go buy this system and thank me later! I will never use another whitening system again, this is the holy grail. 
To save 5% on the whole website, use my code: polishedandbubbly5

My obsession with dewy skin is no secret and this foundation will be a staple for 2017 as well. I've tried a few others, but this is my tried and true ride or die foundation.

I haven't made the jump to Tarte's shape tape concealer yet because this has been my go-to for all of 2016 and I have 0 complaints. It's long lasting, full coverage, and blends out like a dream.

I mean this is my favorite product of ALL TIME. And it's sold out and not being delivered to my local Harmon or Ulta, so I ordered 3 bottles off of Amazon. Now I'll be good until next fall...if you are a nail polish lover, check this top coat out. I swear by it!

Let me know what products your thankful for in the comments, xo!