Monday, October 10, 2016

a book in review!

Brief Summary:

These Royals will ruin you…

The much anticipated next book in the Royals series.

*spoiler free* Review:

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. First, let me just say I know that brief summary is kinda bogus, but honestly, it's all you need. Second, this cover is absolute PERFECTION. And third, let's get into this review, shall we? I signed up for an ARC in August knowing they wouldn't be ready until a week or two before the actual release and I already pre-ordered TP, so if I didn't get it no biggie. Well, after checking my email ALL DAY on Thursday when I opened it and it was there I gasped and got tears in my eyes. I honestly was so happy that I got picked to read and review this highly anticipated book (I'm part of The Royal Palace group on me people were offering unborn children for an ARC.) Twisted Palace is a bumpy ride, there's really high highs that will leave you breathless and really low lows that will leave you speechless. The secrets, twists, turns, and everything in between really make this third book worth every bit of hype. Jen and Elle aka Erin really out did themselves. It's not often that a third book can real live up to the other 2 books and Twisted Palace does just that. I also believe that the 3rd books in a triology should leave you wanting more even if you have answers, and TP doesn't disappoint. The Royals series is definitely my favorite series of the year and one I will reread for years to come. You just can't shake Reed Royal, his character is the ultimate book boyfriend and one can only hope Erin will write more books* that will be as captaviting as the world she creates with The Royals. I recommend this 5 star book because it's the frosting on an already perfect cake, xo!

*which a little birdie told me could be Easton Royal's story coming in 2017 ;)

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