Wednesday, September 14, 2016

an album in review!

Okay, it's NO secret that I'm a hugeeeee Britney Spears fan. So when she announced Glory I was pumped. Make Me was a Fave of the summer and every interview leading up to the cd talked about this new sound/vibe. The morning it came out, I read some reviews and had some mixed feelings. But I dove in head first. I posted this tweet during my first listen.
Well, I was wrong. This album as a whole is fire. There's a couple of songs I listen to over and over-Slumber Party, Liar, Better, Man on the Moon, Just Like Me, to name a few.
Here's my mini review of each track:

Invitation-a nice low key, complete Britney Jean vibe
Make Me… (feat. G-Eazy)-this song makes me want to get sweaty on the dance floor
Private Show-Circus' older, dirtier sister
Man On The Moon-the cutest song about finding Prince Charming, it begs for you to sing along
Just Luv Me-I could see this song as a single, it's gotta good beat and catchy lyrics
Clumsy-this song reminds me of Circus too, it has a fun beat
Do You Wanna Come Over?-another get stuck in your head type of song that totally could've been on Blackout.
Slumber Party-this is my jam. This song doesn't remind me of anything that Brit's ever done before.
Just Like Me-this song to me is Criminal part 2. The vibe, the story it tells, Brit's voice-listen to them back to'll agree!
Love Me Down-this song screams Femme Fatale to me and I don't hate it
Hard To Forget Ya-I instantly want to dance to this song.
What You Need-this song and Private Show could be sisters, the sounds are similar, but necessary to round out the album
Better-this is a def single. It's so catchy and the beat makes you dance. Another stand out for me!
Change Your Mind (No Seas Cortes)-while I don't get the reason for the Spanish lyrics, I do appreciate this song.
Liar-okay after you listen to Criminal and Just Like Me back to back, listen to this one. It completes the trilogy of Brit's love affair with a bad boy.
If I’m Dancing-another Britney Jean vibe song for me. It's really catchy and you'll find yourself singing it hours later.
Coupure Électrique-not sure why we needed a French song, but it makes complete sense to end with this song. This is another one that could've made the cut for Britney Jean. Even tho the song's name means Blackout ;) ps-I translated the words and yasss, girl.