Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Storytime | Struggle with Freckles

When I was 14, I thought my boyfriend was the greatest ever. No really, I did. I thought he was the best kisser, most funniest, most athletic guy ever. He was a year older and my first boyfriend. I was on cloud 9. Throughout the on again, off again relationship he would show his true colors and would say some pretty hurtful things about my appearance. He would make these snide remarks about "how I would be prettier if..." It was always "if I was tanner", "if I was blonder", "if I didn't have so many freckles"and of course, I believed him.

At the time, I probably would've believed anything he told me, well actually I did. So I would go tanning and then cover up my freckles that would come out once I got a tan with makeup. It was all ass backwards, how I was ever going to keep a tan and not have freckles? Do you know how hard it is to try and cover up freckles with powder makeup? I didn't use foundation back then, I was actually pretty terrible at makeup (not that I'm super stellar at it now), but I wasn't good at all. I remember taking a CoverGirl compact I had that was in a porcelain shade and I would stand in front of the mirror confused at how to make my freckles go away, but keep my tan. He would never comment on my super pale, awkward matte nose and under eye area. But he would never tell me I was prettier with a tan and less freckles either.

Cut to today, where I embrace my natural skin tone and freckles. Sometimes I do find myself looking at my freckles and hating them, but then I remind myself they make me, me. And if you keep up with makeup trends, it's actually a trend now to draw on freckles, which proves that freckles are beautiful and if any stupid boy tries to tell you they aren't, there's hundreds of YouTube videos to prove him wrong! And use my story as a reminder that you only need to please yourself & NEVER CHANGE FOR A BOY, you are beautiful just the way you are, xo!