Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Storytime | 2016 Cinderella

We are living in the age of social media. Everyone puts EVERYTHING on the internet. Cause if you don't, it didn't happen, right?! Staying true to that idea, I figured I could find the handsome man I met on Friday night* on Facebook or Instagram. wrong I was. He is nowhere to be found on the interweb. I know he's a real person and I do have his phone number (& work email, cause I met him through a work event) But I can't cyber stalk him. Now listen, I'm not here to act like I wouldn't look through all of his pictures back 62 weeks or so, cause I totally would. And don't say that you wouldn't do that, because we ALL do that!

So I did what any damsel in distress would do, I hired some help (aka my besties, babytooth & MK. Oh and 2T's) and we all got down to business. I mean we googled everything we know about this handsome fella. But nope, he has no internet presence. At all. It's scary, refreshing, and down right strange to me. It's 2016! I'm not saying that he has to have 2 Facebooks and 2 Instagrams like some people I know (actually, I'm talking about myself here...) But come on, man, give a girl a little something! I don't need to you to be one of those people that posts every time you leave the house, but I would like to see your dog or something.

Also, beyond all that...I want to show babytooth her future brother in law ;)

Is there anyone you know that's early 30s that isn't on social media? Is it crazy to you too? Let me know in the comments so we can bond over these crazy people, xo!

*I wrote this post on June 14th and never had the guts to post it, but when I was looking back through my drafts, I thought it's time to share. update-he's still not online :(