Friday, August 5, 2016

Social Scene with JZ featuring Rob Dick

Bounty Hunter Rob Dick caught up with JZ on the Social Scene, take a listen to hear what it's like to be the guy who tracks down America's Most Wanted!

YOU MUST ALWAYS BE ON THE MOVE to out-think and outsmart a fugitive. Before a Bounty Hunter can get paid, he must locate and catch the fugitive, “No Body – No Bounty”. A Professional Bounty Hunter must always be 100% on his game and be able to locate the fugitive. The one that gets away could put your client out of business. 
Enter in world famous bounty hunter, Rob Dick who brings over 34 years of combined law enforcement, private investigations, multi-million-dollar bail bond experience and private bail contract enforcement- including his school the Bail Education Association. Many bail bond company owners consider Rob to be one of the most successful and prolific bounty hunters actively working in the country today. He is a national speaker and guest of conventions throughout the bail bond industry. He is also a high profile guest commentator on news shows such as CNN, Fox, Dr Drew and NBC’s Dr. Phil show. His exceptional success rate of closing cases through location and capture of defendants, preparing and appearing in court on bail bond motions and advising bail bond companies and sureties have made him a leader in this industry. His career has taken him to all 50 states and some US territories to close cases as well as participating in the extradition process of fugitives from several foreign countries. 
Rob has participated in the formulation, assistance and passing of legislation for the bail bond industry.
 His advanced study and understanding of the law has assisted him in achieving one of the highest success rates for closing cases. Through the preparation of court moving papers, appearing in court and overcoming oppositions from county counsels or prosecuting agencies, his motions have been granted and the bail bonds exonerated. Rob began his teaching career as a guest speaker and instructor with bail education providers throughout California. 
Rob was approached by several individuals wanting to use his unique instructional style to develop improved training systems for the bail industry. Seeing firsthand what the other providers were lacking in their course instruction, Rob has taken his knowledge and unique style of teaching to a much higher level.  

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